27 May 2024 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2024 issue 3

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Leisure Management - InBody – Attract & retain


InBody – Attract & retain

Francesca Cooper-Boden says health assessment services can boost health club retention

The UK team has logged 1.5 million scans since it launched its app three years ago photo: INBODY
InBody delivers medical-grade test results photo: INBODY
InBody will reveal innovations at FIBO 2024 photo: INBODY

With Wellbeing News reporting that one in 10 adults are expecting to fail their health and wellbeing goals in this year, it’s more important than ever that gym owners and fitness operators put measures in place to help retain new and existing members.

Health assessment services are a great solution as they allow individuals to not only develop a good understanding of their health at the start of their fitness journey, but also to track and monitor their progress at regular intervals.

Francesca Cooper-Boden, InBody UK co-director, believes health assessments are incredibly valuable and deliver important benefits to gym owners and gym members alike, saying: “Highly accurate health assessment services are a great way to establish a true reflection of an individual’s health.

“With solutions that provide a full overview of body composition, members can learn and focus on their own health at the beginning of their fitness journey.

“It’s no secret that motivation is a key driver for many gym-goers, so being able to accurately measure body composition is fantastic for understanding how the work they’re putting in is impacting their body.”

Tracking improves retention
Guaranteeing members can accurately track their health while visiting the gym is a fantastic way to improve membership retention and should be encouraged, as Cooper-Boden explains.

“If implemented correctly, health assessment devices can be an incredibly powerful retention tool for health club owners,” she says.

“Unfortunately, many people embark on a fitness programme without the right guidance or knowledge of exactly what they need to do to see real results. But when a body composition device is readily available, PTs can work more closely with members to create bespoke fitness plans.

“A tailored approach that’s perfectly aligned to an individual’s health goals will not only add more value to membership, but will also help increase the chances of retaining customers for longer.”

Expanding membership offerings
Although it’s fantastic to see that health assessment services are becoming a regular feature in some health clubs across the UK, there are still lots of fitness facilities that are yet to invest in body composition devices.

To support those who are interested in expanding their membership offering, but not feeling confident about where to start, Cooper-Boden offers advice on what to consider before investing.

“It sounds obvious, but it’s really important to do thorough research to make sure you’re clear on what devices are available on the market,” she says. “At InBody UK, we always recommend you use a medical-grade product, so you can be confident with the results provided. Plus, you need to be clear on the type of scan being completed, how it works in practice and how the results are displayed and reported.

“Think about the overall experience you’ll be creating within your gyms. You’ll need to find relevant products and services that come together to form the perfect customer experience and journey.

“Another important element to remember is the type of support you’ll receive from the provider. Training should be a given so your team is up to speed, but you also need to guarantee that help is available whenever you need it.”

High quality body composition devices
For those on the hunt for high quality body composition devices that deliver fantastic results, InBody UK offers a range of excellent options.

Originally founded in Korea to enable more people to monitor and understand their overall health, the company is leading the way in body composition. The UK division launched at the end of 2017 and since then, its team of specialists has worked tirelessly to build relationships with key players across a range of health and fitness businesses.

After three years of the InBody app being live, the team had registered 1.5 million scans by December 2023 before going on to log an amazing 100,000 scans in January 2024 alone, showing the growing interest in this technology.

Find out more at FIBO
Members of the UK InBody team will be joining their European colleagues at FIBO and are taking bookings for bespoke visits to their stand – reach out to Francesca Cooper-Boden or Luke Smith directly on LinkedIn to make an appointment.

The team will be showcasing something very exciting at FIBO so make sure you pop by Hall 6 Stand 6B19.

More: www.uk.inbody.com

photo: INBODY

"Health assessment can be an incredibly powerful retention tool for health club owners" – Francesca Cooper-Boden

Originally published in Health Club Management 2024 issue 3

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