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Health Club Management
2023 issue 12

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Leisure Management - Introducing HCM HOT

Editor's letter

Introducing HCM HOT

Welcome to HCM HOT, a fresh, new annual souvenir edition which celebrates the best of the sector, as well as sharing valuable insights from industry thought leaders

The sector is changing lives across the world photo: Shutterstock.com/WPixz

The magazines and news feeds we produced during the three critical years of the pandemic stand as a record of this incredibly volatile time and the amazing response of the sector to the challenges we faced.

At the end of each of these years – 2020, 2021 and 2022, we created a special edition of HCM to capture the essence of what had occurred. You can see them permanently archived at www.HCMmag.com/pandemic.

The months that have passed since that time have still been challenging for the sector, but for a different set of reasons and when we came to design our annual special edition, we felt it was time to move on, to make something new for you and to put the pandemic well behind us.

The result is HCM HOT, a new annual that celebrates the energy and passion of the sector by pulling together a rich mix of insights and analysis.

We reveal which of our news stories were most read over the last 12 months and which our editors think represent seminal moments for the sector.

Also in this souvenir edition, we’ve rounded up the insights and surprise revelations of our Life Lessons series, in which sector thought-leaders from Humphrey Cobbold to Phillip Mills and from Martin Seibold to Dave Wright tell us how they’ve tackled the toughest times in their careers. We think it’s some of the most enlightening and useful reporting we’ve done.

Completing the mix are abstracts of HCM’s interview roster, to give you fast access to insights from our lineup.

In the last 12 months, the HCM team has written, edited, photo researched and designed an extraordinary 300 pages of interviews with industry thought leaders and CEOs, as part of our deep commitment to doing original reporting on the sector.

For this special edition, our editors have used ChatGPT to generate executive summaries of these profiles and these now sit alongside hard links to all the original content – online, on PDF and on Digital Turning Pages.

It’s a rich mix, as we range around the world and into all the industry verticals in search of insight, talking to people including Anthony Geisler, Dan Summerson, Rafa Nadal, Anna Milani and Joey Gonzalez. We hope you enjoy the read.

It’s heartening to see this sector, which genuinely did not exist just 40 short years ago, attracting the energies of such passionate, motivated, inventive and visionary leaders who are so dedicated to creative solution-finding in an industry that changes lives and brings so much positivity in times when we need it the most.

Liz Terry, editor lizterry@leisuremedia.com

Originally published in Health Club Management 2023 issue 12

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