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Spa Business
2023 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Tried and trusted


Tried and trusted

Premier Software’s Laura Meeson explores the top three benefits of purchasing new spa management software

Spas of all sizes choose Premier Software photo: Robert Kneschke/shutterstock
Spa managers choose Premier for its operational control photo: Krakenimages.comshutterstock

Managing a successful spa or wellness business requires careful attention to revenue optimisation and guest satisfaction, as well as investing in a trusted software system that’s customisable to your property needs is key.

Premier Software has been a leading provider of spa management software for nearly 30 years, providing a complete business overview at the touch of a button, helping operators maximise profitability, manage day-to-day operations and identify areas of growth.

There’s a reason a majority of UK spa managers choose Premier and that’s the operational control it delivers.

Spas of all sizes, ranging from Harrods and Intercontinental Hotels, to boutique properties, such as The Gainsborough, choose Premier Software for its depth of functionality, so they have full commercial oversight.

From staff scheduling to marketing, membership to reporting, we’ve built our tech alongside the industry so it really is the most comprehensive solution on the market for any spa.

Investing in a comprehensive and trusted spa and leisure management software is a wise decision for any wellness business. By prioritising revenue management, enhancing guest satisfaction, and optimising operational efficiency, spas can scale growth in this ever-evolving industry.

More: www.premiersoftware.uk

1 The importance of revenue management

Revenue management is crucial for spa businesses, as it involves predicting consumer behaviour, optimising product availability and setting prices to maximise revenue growth

By selling the right services at the right time and price, spas can boost their profitability and with the right software, spa directors can easily identify revenue management opportunities and yield accordingly.

This strategic approach can significantly impact the bottom line and ensure long-term success.

When choosing your software, look for comprehensive reporting functionality designed to meet the needs of spa owners and finance teams
2 Enhancing guest satisfaction

Guest experience is a key factor that sets spas apart from the competition and in today’s digital age, customers expect the convenience of booking appointments online at any time.

A custom online booking site designed for your spa can reduce missed appointments and improve guest satisfaction and with the right software, customers can book appointments at their convenience, resulting in a seamless and personalised guest experience.

Additionally, software with built-in CRM capabilities can help manage loyalty and memberships allowing spas to enhance guest satisfaction and tailor their offerings.

With up to 72 per cent of spa guests choosing to book online, look for a software management system that integrates with best-in-breed online e-commerce platforms, such as onejourney
3 Boosting profitability through efficient operations

Spa software can streamline various aspects of operations, including staff scheduling, white space management and inventory control and by automating these processes, spa directors can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Additionally, software with thorough analytics enables spa businesses to track KPIs, customer buying trends, and demographics, allowing for data-driven decision-making and revenue optimisation.

"Look for a system that has comprehensive features and functionality to save time and increase profitability"

Laura Meeson is director of spa at Premier Software – part of Journey Hospitality

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 4

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