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2023 issue 4

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Cutting edge

Ara Patterson from Equinox Hotels talks about a partnership with Gharieni that’s delivering ROI and innovative treatments for guests

The Spa by Equinox Hotels photo: Equinox
The hotel was designed by Joyce Wang photo: Equinox/joyce wang
The MLX i3 Dome is the first in New York City photo: Gharieni
The MLX i3 Dome delivers Triple Detox Therapy photo: Gharieni

Tell us about the spa at the Equinox Hotel in New York City
Our award-winning The Spa by Equinox Hotels is known for its science-backed, results-driven spa menu and services, all designed for inner and outer body excellence to help guests perform at their highest level.

In addition to popular spa offerings – such as massages and facials – we push the envelope when it comes to innovation with cutting-edge treatments. These include the Icoone Roboderm, a non-invasive lymphatic drainage and body-sculpting device; the Gold Collagen Facial in collaboration with Dr Lara Devgan; and the Welnamis table, which harnesses immersive sound and vibrational therapy to provide the equivalent of three hours’ sleep in just 30 minutes.

We’re also proud to be the first spa in New York to offer the revolutionary Triple Detox Therapy: MLX i3 Dome. After treatments, guests can continue their full-body care with private access to the on-site infrared sauna and cryotherapy chamber for contrast therapy.

What sets the spa apart?
Our commitment to continuous innovation when it comes to our facilities, spa menu and offering.

The spa’s treatments are not commonly found in competitor hotels or luxury spas, reflecting our cutting-edge approach. Furthermore, the team’s attention to detail and deep alignment with the Equinox philosophy cultivate an exceptional guest experience where our pillars of movement, nutrition, regeneration and community are woven into the fabric of our offering, catering to both the physical and mental wellbeing of our guests.

Tell us about your collaboration with Gharieni
Gharieni is a renowned leader in innovative spa equipment. We chose to partner with the company because of its expertise in creating state-of-the-art spa solutions that align with our commitment to providing unique and high-performance experiences for our guests.

Gharieni’s technologies and designs pair well with our spa treatments and complement our vision of offering the best in relaxation and rejuvenation.

How does it elevate the guest experience?
Equinox Hotels are designed to promote better sleep. One standout offering at the spa is the Welnamis bed, a touchless treatment that incorporates acoustic and vibrational technology, training the brain for deep relaxation and aligning with our mission to promote better sleep.

We’ve also recently introduced the MLX i3 Dome – another touchless therapy that includes triple detox: far-infrared sauna, plasma and colour light therapy. Our guests have shown great enthusiasm for this, particularly those who are regular users of traditional infrared sauna, as they appreciate the enhanced sauna experience offered by the MLX Dome.

Looking to the future, we’re considering the addition of G-Vac, an innovative technology poised to revolutionise lymphatic drainage treatments and body contouring. The benefits extend beyond aesthetics, with a significant impact on overall wellbeing and health.

How do you balance hands-on and touchless?
Balancing touchless and high-tech with traditional hands-on therapies is the foundation of our spa experience. Our guests appreciate the harmonious blend of both approaches. It’s not a matter of one replacing the other; instead, they work together to enhance the overall wellbeing experience.

What ROI do Gharieni products deliver?
With the popularity of the spa and the innovative technology, we’ve achieved a return on investment in several months.

More: www.gharieni.com

photo: equinox

"We push the envelope when it comes to innovation, with cutting-edge treatments" – Ara Patterson, VP food, beverage & spa, Equinox Hotels

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 4

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