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Health Club Management
2023 issue 9

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Leisure Management - Life Fitness: infinite variety


Life Fitness: infinite variety

LFX customisable experiences are the next step in the evolution of the Life Fitness functional training offering

Life Fitness functional training packages come with 36 small group workout plans photo: LIFE FITNESS
LFX is the latest from Life Fitness photo: LIFE FITNESS

Life Fitness is launching LFX, a new functional training solution that combines equipment, education and programming to bring infinitely customisable training experiences to gym users.

Designed by experts from Life Fitness’s product team and its education division – Life Fitness Academy – LFX offers pre-configured training packages, along with customisable solutions, co-created with facilities so they meet their unique requirements.

“The popularity of strength and functional training has grown significantly in recent years to become one of – if not the most – sought after type of training experience for many exercisers,” says Leigh Wierichs, global training and education manager at Life Fitness.

“Facilities are looking to create different experiences, with a renewed focus on functional training, strength, and versatility – these form the basic principles of LFX.

“We also see from the research that exercisers are looking for fun, social, motivating exercise experiences, particularly the younger generations.”

Integrating with kit
LFX integrates best-in-class Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment with pre-built programming focusing on functional, HIIT and strength workouts.

Ideal for small group and individual training, LFX solutions are suitable for exercisers of all levels, from beginner to elite.

“Members expect personalised fitness experiences that match their preferences and goals and overcome their challenges and barriers; we see it as our role to help our customers create these unique experiences that ultimately lead to improved acquisition and retention of their members,” Wierichs says.

There are seven unique pre-configured packages available with LFX: four welcoming training experiences incorporating Life Fitness equipment and three performance-led spaces centred around Hammer Strength products.

Includes workout programmes
Each LFX package also includes 36 small group workout programmes and 10 starter ‘Workouts of the day’, with a full day’s on-site education and training to enable gym staff to tailor workouts to different fitness levels.

With floor space at a premium in any gym, usage must be carefully considered to deliver maximum return. Starting with a minimum live area of just 46sq m (500sq ft), LFX packages seek to maximise facility footprint and can also be combined to create multiple training spaces for larger areas.

"We see from the research that exercisers are looking for fun, social, motivating exercise experiences" – Leigh Wierichs, global training & education manager, Life Fitness

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Originally published in Health Club Management 2023 issue 9

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