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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Art of Cryo: Life changing experience


Art of Cryo: Life changing experience

Vikki and Robbie are often exhausted after work. A visit to the spa to experience the Art of Cryo Tech-Spa Module is a chance to re-set and rejuvenate together

Vikki and Robbie enjoyed the Art of Cryo Vaultz photo: Cryo Race Center Kirchberg
As Vikki and Robbie relaxed after their Tec-Spa experience, they agreed to return the following day photo: Shutterstock/NDAB Creativity
Vikki and Robbie had individualised treatments photo: art of cryo

Excitement filled the air as Robbie and Vikki entered the luxurious resort spa and wellness area. Vikki immediately noticed the alluring lights of the Tec-Spa Module sign. “Yes,” said the therapist, who caught her gaze, “Vikki and Robbie, today you will begin your programme.

“Step 1 is the Body Scan, step 2 will be the MCS, followed by Step 3 – cryotherapy in Vaultz. Step 4 is the Flow System and after you complete the Spa-Tec Module, we’ll complete your visit with a tea ceremony, and I’m confident you’ll sleep very well tonight.”

Robbie and Vikki changed into their matching robes and activated their Vital-X smart rings.

The Body Scan was quick and easy to do and the results were immediately sent to their smartphone app.

As they entered the MCS, they were greeted by a charming voice, guiding them through the treatment. Suddenly, the cabin came alive with bright LED chromotherapy lights and Vikki felt a warm wave envelop her body as calming music played in the background and rich aromatic blends filled the air. Robbie was also immersed in this sensory journey. He moved closer to the three ion generators and took deep breaths, soaking in the negative ions. As the MCS experience progressed, their minds and bodies were calmed, bringing them to a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. After eight minutes, they walked out of the cabin, exchanging smiles.

Enjoying whole body cryotherapy
“Now, let me introduce you to the Vaultz,” the therapist said with enthusiasm. “Our whole-body cryotherapy chamber can accommodate up to six people, but for you two, it will be wonderfully comfortable. Robbie, your time is three minutes, and your timer colour is blue. Vikki, your time is two minutes and forty-five seconds, and your timer colour will be red.”

The couple stepped into the Vaultz and felt the chilling air of -60°C. “Robbie,” said Vikki, shivering slightly, “I’m so glad we can do this together. I don’t think I could handle -110°C alone.” Robbie reassured her, “Don’t worry, Vikki. Just look at me and follow my lead. After 30 seconds, you’ll start to love it. And trust me, tomorrow you’ll be asking for more! Vaultz is addictive.”

With that, they entered the -110°C room. Ice cold air, walls, floor and ceiling and for a moment, Vikki stopped breathing. She looked at Robbie, he was stretching his shoulders. Vikki followed his example and began doing the same. After 30 seconds, she felt her body adapting to the extreme cold, and soon enough, she was moving around the chamber, enjoying the music.

With the large window in the Vaultz, they found the environment surprisingly comfortable. Their therapist stood just outside, ensuring their safety. Vikki relaxed and embraced the cryotherapy chamber experience.

As they returned to the main room, Vikki couldn’t contain her excitement. “Robbie, words can’t describe how amazing it was – it’s so cold, yet so cool,” she exclaimed. Robbie and the therapist shared a knowing smile. “The first cryo experience is always memorable,” the therapist remarked.

“Now, onto step four,” the therapist announced, leading them to a beautiful machine made of carbon, resembling a work of art with a space-age appearance.

Individual treatments
The Flow System awaited, offering individual treatments – Robbie was assigned 9.30 intense minutes, Vikki was given 13.15 softer minutes.

“Vikki, please lie down here and Robbie – please take a second one”, said the therapist. She moved a portable wall between the two machines, so they could see each other and talk during the treatment.

After the shared experience they felt connected on a deeper level and – discussing how they felt – decided to return the following day.

Sitting comfortably and savouring a cup of tea, Robbie reviewedthe results of their treatments. It was astonishing to see the immediate impact it had on their wellbeing. “Robbie,” Vikki said – “it’s incredible to think we’ve only been here for 30 minutes. Did you realise? After just half an hour I feel so different, like a brand new me. It’s not just a pampering session, . It’s a journey towards ultimate relaxation and healing.”

More: www.artofcryo.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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