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2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - TechnoAlpin: Chilling out at Krallerhof


TechnoAlpin: Chilling out at Krallerhof

TechnoAlpin’s Snowroom brings winter conditions to a stunning indoor spa at Austria’s Hotel Krallerhof

The TechnoAlpin Snowroom was designed by Snøhetta photo: TechnoAlpin
The architecture blends with the lake and mountain vistas photo: Hotel Krallerhof
The spa has a range of water therapy and contrast bathing options photo: Hotel Krallerhof
The TechnoAlpin Snowroom is styled to fit the spa’s Relaxation Room photo: TechnoAlpin
(L-R) Philipp Altenberger, Sepp Altenberger, Hadi Teherani and Gerhard Altenberger photo: Hotel Krallerhof

When the Altenberger family – the owners of the five-star Hotel Krallerhof in Leogang in the Salzburg region – decided to extend its wellness provision, they included a TechnoAlpin Snowroom in its new ‘Atmosphere by Krallerhof’ spa to provide a rejuvenating snow experience, within a spectacular natural setting – all year round.

Overlooking the Leoganger Steinberg mountain range, the Atmosphere spa – designed by architect Hadi Teherani – fits seamlessly into the dramatic Asitz Mountain landscape.

The organically-shaped glass-fronted building has been created with nature and the surrounding landscape central to its design. Made from natural, mostly locally-sourced materials, such as ash and oak, alpine marble, glass and exposed concrete, its open aspect offers a connection to the outdoors, with spectacular views over the spa’s 5,500sq m natural bathing lake and the 50m infinity pool.

Family traditions
According to Philipp Altenberger, the careful use of resources, the preservation of biodiverse habitats and other ecological aspects played an important role in the spa’s design process.

“Sustainability has always been a major priority for us,” says Altenberger – a fourth-generation member of the hotelier family, “we’re very grateful for the hotel’s natural surroundings and treat them respectfully.”

Innovative design is also extremely important at the Krallerhof. Altenberger says his grandfather was enthusiastic about progressive design when he took over the family farm in 1956 and laid the foundations for the current five-star hotel – and his family has continued with this passion for innovation ever since. “Relaxation in a natural environment is becoming more essential for spa-goers, so we wanted to create a wellness facility, designed with water at its centre, that fits within its natural surroundings,” he explained.

Natural design
The new Atmosphere spa complements the hotel’s existing 17-treatment-room spa – Refugium – and during the initial design phase Alterberger says Teherani devised the perfect architectural vision: to create a spa that ‘integrates seamlessly into the landscape, creating an atmosphere halfway between the water and the mountains. “We wanted to create a place where guests could withdraw from the outside and allow everything to come to life from the inside,” he explains.

The Atmosphere spa entrance opens into an Alpine Zen Garden where the sound of running water can be heard in the background. This leads to the glass-fronted relaxation room where guests can relax or explore the spa’s indoor offering, which includes a Blue Grotto hydrotherapy cave; a Himalayan infra salt room; Finnish and herbal sauna; a steam bath and the TechnoAlpin Snowroom.

The chill factor
With a treatment brief underpinned by the hotel’s philosophy of rejuvenation, relaxation and renewal, the owners decided to include the snowroom because they wanted a contrast to a conventional sauna. While researching they found the TechnoAlpin concept, that ‘brings natural winter conditions indoors’.

“We could see huge potential for our wellness business through choosing the snowroom,” Altenberger explains. “Used in combination with heat, it delivers the most innovative kind of Kneipp therapy, which appeals to guests for whom health and relaxation are important. This fits perfectly with the variety of relaxation and regeneration programmes we offer our guests.

“The snowroom offers a gentle cooling experience, which provides guests with a pleasant chilled feeling without having to endure a shocking wet effect. This means it’s accessible to all our adult guests, who can benefit from a holistic cooling effect that refreshes their respiratory tract and cools their skin.

“The soft snow offers the possibility to intensify the cold experience according to personal preferences. A holistic cool down – regardless of the weather conditions outside,” says Altenberger.

More: www.indoor.technoalpin.com www.krallerhof.com

photo: Hotel Krallerhof

"The Snowroom offers a gentle cooling experience, which provides guests with a pleasant chilled feeling without having to endure a shocking wet effect" – Philipp Altenberger, Hotel Krallerhof

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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