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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Lemi: Built to last


Lemi: Built to last

Lemi is committed to leading with innovation to create cutting-edge treatment room solutions that excel in terms of performance and eco-credentials

Amalfi: the Lemi bed that combines massage table and mani/pedi station photo: LEMI
New Vita finishes are made from recyclable materials photo: LEMI

Trust and reliability are fundamental for spa and wellness operators, especially now sustainability has become such a crucial factor in business.

Lemi’s goal is to constantly improve by identifying areas that will benefit from innovation. “Being part of environmental associations, such as Ecovadis and Futureplus, that promote future-orientated companies, is a source of pride for us, as well as being an exciting challenge,” says GM, Matteo Brusaferri.

“The criteria laid down by Ecovadis and Futureplus inspire us to research, study, and design solutions that will be part of a new way of understanding business, aimed at balancing structure, space and equipment, creating sustainable realities – a new kind of ecosystem,” he explains.

“Our goal as a company is to identify areas with significant room for enhancement and work to improve in every area of the business.”

History of sustainability
Lemi has always selected materials and suppliers with a focus on sustainability. “We’ve been transitioning to lean production processes by eliminating waste – of time, space, resources and energy – while focusing on what truly adds value,” says Brusaferri.

Lemi treatment beds go beyond the pursuit of green alternatives by generating less waste. They have a ten-year guarantee, but are actually designed to last for decades: “It’s not uncommon for us to take back equipment that’s 15- or 20-years-old for recycling,” says Brusaferri, “However, our most gratifying experience was recovering one of the first Lemi 4 models from 30 years ago, which we decided to display in our showroom as a ‘piece of history’ that attests to the quality and durability of our products, since it still works to this day.

The company’s lifetime post-sales service ensures parts can be replaced, prolonging product life and often removing the need for a replacement.

“We also prioritise working with local suppliers to maintain a ‘zero-kilometer’ supply chain – reducing transportation and ensuring our production process is 100 per cent ‘Made in Italy’,” he explains, “In addition, we manufacture products on-demand, enabling better control over raw materials and storage charges.”

The design of Lemi’s space-saving new Amalfi treatment bed marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s journey in terms of technological and functional advances, making it an excellent and sustainable choice for the spa treatment room.

With the installation of an Amalfi bed, one treatment room can be used to deliver a range of treatments, such as body/face massages, pedicures using the built-in tub and manicures using the elegant new armrest set, which has been specifically designed to harmonise with the bed’s design.

The Amalfi base also incorporates sections made of steel to ensure that, at the end of its lifecycle, the product can be disassembled and recycled to give the materials a second life. Plastic components have also been reduced and cardboard and wooden boxes are used for shipping.

Also new is Lemi’s Vita line of finishes, which are made from recyclable and renewable raw materials to cater to the growing demand for greener products. These also integrate perfectly with the Amalfi beds.

Customisable & sustainable
Lemi’s commitment to providing multi-functional solutions that improve space management within a spa or wellness facility, can be witnessed in its various bed models which feature storage bases and the option to be combined with multi-functional trolleys. This enables professionals to have a high-quality, visually-appealing product that helps them perform their work correctly, avoiding time and space wastage.

All parts of Lemi’s beds are customisable – even the mattress width – which enables greater flexibility when designing treatment rooms while also allowing therapists to adjust the bed to their needs, which prevents them having to work in uncomfortable positions or endure long-term back issues.

Sustainability and profitability are undoubtedly vital to the spa and wellness sector and Lemi’s products are matching industry demands in this regard: “As market direction shifts constantly, reinventing ourselves and adopting a more open mindset towards future needs has become a tangible reality,” Brusaferri says. “At Lemi, we strive to keep our products at the forefront in terms of quality and functionality. Our goal is not only to offer sustainable work tools but also to be an excellent partner to help spas become more successful – both commercially and in terms of their eco-credentials.

More: www.lemispa.com

photo: LEMI

"We’ve been transitioning to lean production processes by eliminating waste of time, space, resources and energy" – Matteo Brusaferri

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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