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2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - myBlend: The future of beauty


myBlend: The future of beauty

With myBlend – the Dr Brand from Clarins Group – spas can discover the efficacy of cutting-edge treatment protocols for guests

The myBlend proprietary LED Mask is FDA approved and delivers scientifically proven anti-ageing efficacy photo: CLARINS myblend
myBlend facials guarantee immediate and long-lasting results photo: CLARINS myblend
myBlend has highly concentrated, results-driven formulas photo: CLARINS myblend

The evolution of Clarins’ disruptive skincare brand, myBlend – under the direction of MD and myBlend founder, Dr Olivier Courtin – has resulted in the creation of a beauty ecosystem that combines supplements, skincare and tech to create immediate and long-lasting results.

Based on science that proves skin is the mirror of health and draws its strength from mechanisms working deep within us, the protocol begins with a high-tech prescription, delivered by myBlend’s mySkinDiag system.

It also includes supplements to nourish the skin from within, a comprehensive, results-driven skincare line and proprietary tech beauty tools – an LED mask and the CellSynergy machine, which delivers radiotech, mesotech and cryotech therapy treatments. A suite of effective, ultra-premium spa treatments is also available.

mySkinDiag analyses 11 key skin signs via photo-capture based on expert dermatological research and AI, which analyses more than a million images in just a few seconds.

The diagnosis points to a customised treatment adapted to needs, way of life and routines.

This regime includes enhanced facial treatments, such as double-exfoliation scrubs powered by enzymes and pro-like peels with 10 per cent glycolic acid, all of which have been designed to deliver sensoriality.

Also included are myBlend nutri-cosmetics, which are formulated to feed the skin and strengthen its defences, while targeting specific skin concerns.

The myBlend range has been developed using 90 per cent natural ingredients, with formulas containing high concentrations of dermatological molecules to stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative powers and ensure maximum effectiveness, while respecting the skin’s natural microbiota.

The myBlend LED Mask has red and infra-red LED lights that treat the face and neck. These light wavelengths trigger a cellular response by stimulating collagen production in the skin. In fact, comprehensive clinical tests on 31 women of varying ages have proven that after just one month of use, the skin looks three years younger, firmer and more radiant.

Spa owners can partner with myBlend to offer effective, results-driven, non-invasive Dr brand facials using its high-potency formulas and expert hand movements that lift the skin, all delivered with French flair and an enhanced focus on sensoriality.

When it comes to CSR, myBlend is committed to responsible beauty, using 100 per cent recycled and recyclable cardboard in its packaging. The line is also 96 per cent plastic free, with the final 4 per cent of plastic offset via a partnership with Second Life.

photo: clarins

"myBlend is based on scientific evidence that proves skin has the potential to regenerate and repair, provided its neuro-immune system functions well" – Dr Olivier Courtin

The MyBlend experience
Spa Business publisher Astrid Ros recounts her recent myBlend treatment in Paris
Astrid Ros / Photo: Leisure Media

myBlend’s new protocol took me on a journey, from nutrition, through skin treatment, to cryotherapy and LED mask therapy, resulting in a complete and enjoyable experience, radiant skin and a reduction in fine lines.

I loved that myBlend combines hands-on therapy with the latest technology based on science.

The treatment was very thorough and I enjoyed the fact that the classic facial elements – such as the peel and scrub – were enhanced by technology. The cryo treatment – part of the facial – was pleasantly cooling.

Following cleansing and cooling, the red-light LED mask not only worked on my skin, but also gave me time for meditation and was a lovely way to end the experience.

photo: clarins

More: www.my-blend.com

Email: contact@my-blend.com

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Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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