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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Rainer Bolsinger

Spa People: 20th anniversary issue

Rainer Bolsinger

Operators and consumers alike are now realising the numerous health benefits of cryotherapy

Rainer Bolsinger, Art of Cryo photo: ART of CRYO
AI software is now used to adjust sessions based on physical attributes such as BMI and gender photo: ART of CRYO

How has the industry evolved?
Historically, cold therapies were overlooked because people didn’t know how pleasant they could be and cryotherapy wasn’t even heard of in the sector.

But consumers and operators alike are now realising that this non-invasive, gentle yet effective approach can help ease numerous health conditions and make you feel fresh and empowered.

How are customer’s needs changing?
They’re not looking for treatments, but results and experiences. The demand for results has been the inspiration for numerous advancements in the field.

What innovations can you pinpoint?
There are so many! AI-powered software can now be used to individualise cryotherapy sessions, for example, based on physical values such as a guest’s BMI, gender, training level and skin type.

This year has seen the introduction of 3D body scanning equipment before and after sessions. This can be used to create a millimetre-precise avatar of the body in just 40 seconds so people can see the physical impact of programmes.

Meanwhile, partnerships with wearables have led to users wearing smart rings during cold therapy sessions so they can track their vitals.

In addition, there’s been much integration with complementary therapies. Cabins can offer everything from light therapy (blue, green and red), ionised oxygen therapy, aromatherapy and long-wave heat therapy to intermittent vacuum therapy to stimulate vitality and the blood flow in the body, encourage recovery and deliver performance enhancement.

What’s been the most pivotal moment in your career?
Working with L&R Kältetechnik, refrigeration tech specialists with a 30-year pedigree, to create its cryotherapy division. We’re blessed with the right staff, partners and customers.

What do you hope to accomplish?
We have our sights set on further digital integration, real-time guest feedback on vital statistics and treatment optimisation.

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In celebration of Spa Business’ 20th anniversary, industry leaders take a look at how far the sector has come since the magazine’s inception in 2003, share personal career highlights and reveal their plans and ideas for the future.

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Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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