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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Joerg Demuth

Spa People: 20th anniversary issue

Joerg Demuth

The shift towards sustainability is not just about meeting consumer demands but also about adapting new regulations

Joerg Demuth, ZeroWaste Global photo: Urb’n Nature
Soneva in the Maldives is a leading example of sustainability photo: Soneva Resorts
Many spas are now using eco-friendly materials in their designs photo: Soneva Resorts
Refillable toiletries are increasingly being used photo: shutterstock/Natalia Klenova

What trends are impacting spas?
The spa industry is making considerable strides towards sustainability in response to growing environmental concerns. This shift is not just about meeting customer demands but also about adapting to new regulatory landscapes.

A key aspect of this transformation is the adoption of sustainable design and eco-friendly materials. Many spas are opting for reclaimed wood, energy-efficient lighting and moving towards paperless operations. Additionally, traditional cotton linens, which contribute significantly to pesticide use, are being replaced with more sustainable fabrics made from modal or lyocell.

How has the industry evolved?
One of the most significant is the move away from single-use plastics and with almost all countries tightening restrictions on plastic use, businesses are finding themselves compelled to adapt. As a result, spas are increasingly using refillable toiletries and plastic-free, sustainable and compostable amenities.

What’s holding the industry back?
Despite these positive steps, challenges remain. Many spas continue to prioritise short-term returns over long-term sustainable practices, leading to unviable operations.

As regulations around the world tighten and awareness grows, spas that prioritise sustainability will stand out and flourish.

And the transition to sustainable practices doesn’t just benefit the environment, it enhances brand image, satisfies consumer demands and improves overall business performance.

Birthday message to Spa Business

"The success stories Spa Business highlights not only celebrate excellence but also inspire others. The unity and shared purpose it champions have contributed to the overall growth and development of our sector"

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In celebration of Spa Business’ 20th anniversary, industry leaders take a look at how far the sector has come since the magazine’s inception in 2003, share personal career highlights and reveal their plans and ideas for the future.

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Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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