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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - CG Funk

Spa People: 20th anniversary issue

CG Funk

The industry would greatly benefit from a national, streamlined education model

CG Funk, Massage Heights photo: CG Funk
US spa franchises perform 30 million services a year photo: Massage Heights

What’s been your biggest life lesson?
In 2016, I stepped down from an executive position at US franchise chain Massage Envy, to spend more time with my ageing mother. After 20-plus years of being fully immersed in my career, I felt it was time to take a break. This decision turned out to be eye-opening. There’s growth and learning that comes when we slow down, reassess and reconnect with our true selves and loved ones. Today, I’m back in my career but with more confidence, clarity and boundaries.

What do you still hope to accomplish?
There’s a great need for professional, talented therapists to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for massage and bodywork services. I hope to be a part of the movement and efforts that build and drive positive public awareness and understanding of massage careers to increase interest and grow our workforce.

How has the industry evolved?
In 2003, spa services were mainly available to an elite clientele. In the past 20 years, we’ve experienced unprecedented growth in local day spas through the franchise model. These models offer affordable monthly memberships of US$79-89 (€70-80 £60-68), which include a 60-minute massage, in thousands of locations in suburban communities meaning they target a more diverse consumer. US franchise spa and massage businesses are now collectively performing 30 million services annually.

What do you wish had been invented?
The spa industry could greatly benefit from a national, streamlined education model for therapists, aestheticians and management candidates.

How do you hope the industry will look in 2050?
I’d like to see spa services as a part of everyone’s wellness and health routines. They are so beneficial in managing hundreds of physical and emotional challenges that we all face in today’s world. It would be amazing to see the availability of them spread across all demographics. Heal the body, heal the planet.

Birthday message to Spa Business

"The world of spa and wellness is ever-evolving and Spa Business has been at the forefront of these changes. I’ve always valued its content and how it leads the charge with thought-provoking articles"

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In celebration of Spa Business’ 20th anniversary, industry leaders take a look at how far the sector has come since the magazine’s inception in 2003, share personal career highlights and reveal their plans and ideas for the future.

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Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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