23 May 2024 World leisure: news, training & property
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Spa Business
2023 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Reflection point

Editor's letter

Reflection point

As Spa Business celebrates its 20th birthday, it’s time to pause for thought and rejoice in the industry’s evolution and greatest achievements

The Spa Business team. From top left: Jane Kitchen, Liz Terry, Megan Whitby. Seated: Astrid Ros and Katie Barnes photo: Jack Emmerson

I can hardly believe this issue marks the 20th birthday of Spa Business. I also feel incredibly grateful to have been involved with this special magazine for 19.5 of those 20 years – joining Leisure Media as a fledgling beauty journalist and being part of a talented team which has produced more than 10,000 spa news stories, 2,000 in-depth features and no less than 8 million ezines.

Spa Business was the first global spa magazine. Liz Terry, our editorial director, launched it with the intention of uniting the world of spa and wellness, helping it to forge a powerful identity through collaboration. She talks more about her motivation for starting the title on page 12.

In celebration of our milestone, we’ve handed this issue over to the thought leaders of our sector. Starting on page 16, a host of experts share their career highlights, reflect on the industry’s pivotal moments and tell us what they think we’ll be writing about in the years to come.

On page 76, Andrew Gibson nails it when he says “the real growth of our sector is the result of a global collaboration by a dedicated group of passionate leaders who wanted to elevate the industry into a serious and relevant contributor to personal and societal health”.

This is an important thing to acknowledge, as our industry has been blessed with caring, inspirational and driven individuals who have been key to its transformation.

Since Spa Business’ inception in 2003, spas have undergone a seismic shift in purpose from places of pampering to providers of wellness. They heal people with the modalities they offer, educate them about healthy lifestyle and change their quality of life, making our work rewarding and meaningful.

Spas have become significant players in the much wider global wellness economy. An economy that, according to the Global Wellness Institute, is worth US$4.4 trillion (€4.1 trillion, £3.6 trillion) today and that’s forecast to reach a staggering US$7 trillion (€6.6 trillion, £5.7 trillion) by 2025.

That date isn’t far away and we’re excited to see where this dynamic industry goes next.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our own journey – particularly our clients and writers, past and present, and Leisure Media colleagues behind the scenes. And a special mention to the core Spa Business team: Liz Terry, Astrid Ros, Megan Whitby and Jane Kitchen – you make the magazine what it is.

Katie Barnes is the editor of Spa Business magazine | katiebarnes@leisuremedia.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 3

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