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2023 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Elemental Herbology: Five Element Theory


Elemental Herbology: Five Element Theory

You can bring Five Element Theory to your spa or salon with Elemental Herbology, says Antonia David

Five unique product ranges span skincare, body care and home fragrance PHOTO: Elemental Herbology

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water – ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that everything in life is composed of and influenced by these five natural elements. They influence who we are and what we feel.

Our moods can also be affected by many different factors, such as our lifestyle, diet, stress levels, routine and the seasons.

At Elemental Herbology, we embrace the elemental way of life. With five unique product ranges spanning skincare, body care and home fragrance – alongside a carefully curated treatment menu designed to balance both body and mind – our therapeutic aromatherapy blends, performance-driven ingredients and skilful techniques offer spas, salons and customers the ultimate Five Element experience.

The Five Element Face & Body Profile is a consultation process based on the ancient principles that asks each client a series of questions around their emotional and physical needs, as well as their lifestyle preferences.

This moment of calm and self-reflection before each treatment gives the client an opportunity to look within themselves, to determine how they’re feeling and how they want to feel after their Elemental Herbology treatment.

After completing the Face & Body Profile, the therapist will determine the client’s most ‘dominant element’ and select products and techniques to re-balance and restore mind and body for a truly bespoke elemental treatment.

Our five aromatherapy massage oils – Rejuvenate, Zest, Harmony, Detox and Soothe – are 100 per cent natural and plant-based. Recently reformulated to be nut-free, these indulgent oils are blended using coconut oil and skin-friendly essential oils to ensure they are irritant-free and gentle on therapist’s skin.

About the elements
Those dominant in Wood will enjoy lightweight, balancing skincare and an invigorating aromatherapy massage oil to rejuvenate tired, aching muscles.

Fire elements will benefit from clarifying skincare and a zesty aromatherapy blend to re-fuel and energise a tired mind.

Those in the Earth element will enjoy brightening, antioxidant-rich skincare and a blend of balancing aromatherapy oils to restore harmony and emotional equilibrium.

Metal elements will benefit from age-defying skincare and a detoxifying massage oil to banish feelings of sluggishness while decluttering a busy mind.

Those dominant in Water will enjoy deeply hydrating skincare and the relaxing benefits of a soothing aromatherapy blend, perfect for encouraging a good night’s sleep.

Antonia David, head of education at Elemental Herbology, says: “The Five Element Theory runs throughout everything we do. In an ideal world, all five elements exist in a state of perfect balance and harmony, leading us to experience good physical, mental and emotional health. However, modern living often knocks our balance of the five elements off-kilter, and if one or more becomes either deficient or excessive, then this can lead to dis-ease and eventually disease.

“We must work to harmonise the elements ourselves, through a combination of good lifestyle choices.

“At Elemental Herbology, we aim to bring about a better state of balance with the elements through our products, aromas and spa treatments.”

More: www.elementalherbology.com

PHOTO: Elemental Herbology

"In an ideal world, all five elements exist in a state of perfect balance and harmony" – Antonia David, Elemental Herbology

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 2

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