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2023 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Comfort Zone: Skin-adaptive hydration


Comfort Zone: Skin-adaptive hydration

Comfort Zone has relaunched its iconic Hydramemory line and associated Hydra Glow Facial which harness the hydrating power of the prickly pear

The new line includes extract of prickly pear which has intensive hydrating properties photo: Comfort Zone

How do desert plants endure arid environments and hostile climates while maintaining the hydration necessary for their survival and vitality?

This question was the starting point for scientific innovation by Comfort Zone’s in-house laboratories when it came to creating new formulas for the Hydramemory brand.

The team undertook a complete relaunch of this iconic and best-selling line that drew inspiration from pharmacognosy – the branch of pharmacy which studies natural molecules to capture their therapeutic properties – and combined this with the highest standards of efficacy, sustainability and sensory appeal.

Multiple desert plants were evaluated, with the optimal found to be the prickly pear, which is grown for Comfort Zone in Apulia, Italy, using regenerative organic agriculture.

The plant was chosen due to its ability to adapt to the environment and maintain an optimal level of hydration, even under the most challenging conditions.

Its extract – obtained using sustainable extraction methods to best preserve its efficacy – was found to increase the production of Keratinocytes Growth Factor by 39 per cent*, thereby supporting skin barrier integrity.

“It is nature that teaches skin how to regenerate,” says Eve Merinville, R&D director at Comfort Zone. “We owe it the power of our formulas.”

Effective by nature
The Hydramemory line has been developed using biomimetic textures with precious natural oils and butters. The formulation has been designed to mimic the skin’s natural composition for optimal absorption and long-lasting comfort.

The range includes a concentrated Water Source Serum, a Rich Sorbet Cream, also available in a lighter version, an intensive Hydra Plump Mask, a Depuff Eye Cream and a special refreshing Face Mist, ideal for a hydration recharge throughout the day.

Independent clinical studies have proven there’s an immediate increase in hydration of up to 70 per cent** or more. And that there’s a 10x boost in the skin’s ability to retain water throughout temperature and humidity fluctuations**.

The science of skin-adaptive hydration
Our environment is a major determinant of skin hydration. Changes in humidity greatly impact and compromise the balance of hydration, affecting the look and health of skin. A recent study by the National Library of Medicine in the US found low humidity and low temperatures lead to a general decrease in skin barrier function. Optimal skin moisture levels are only maintained when the relative humidity is between 40-60 per cent. Below this level – when travelling or exposed to air conditioning, heating and ultraviolet night – water content in the stratum corneum is compromised, causing roughness, decreased elasticity and accelerating aging.

About Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone has been a Certified B Corporation since 2016, delivering premium clean, results-driven, vegan formulations and spa treatments. With 25 years of professional expertise and constant innovation, it is committed to skin and planet regeneration.

More: www.comfortzoneskin.com

Hydramemory – Fast facts

• Vegan formulas

• Up to 99.2 per cent natural-origin ingredients

• Free from silicones, animal derivatives, parabens and artificial colourants

• Eco design with sustainable packaging and refills

• Reduced use of material with every purchase by 95 per cent (cream), 91 per cent (serum)

• 100 per cent CO2 neutralised packaging and production through reforestation initiatives

• Plastic Neutral Certified by Plastic Bank

• Uses FSC-certified recycled paper

About the new Hydra Glow Facial

Inspired by cryotherapy and available in Comfort Zone’s 10,000 partner spas around the world, the new Hydra Glow Facial is a 50-minute experience delivering deep moisture restoration and plumping and toning of the skin, thanks to professional intensive formulas which are rich in macro hyaluronic acid and prickly pear extract.

The facial is delivered using the new Comfort Zone Ice Rollers, combined with a signature Hydra Drain & Lift massage.

100 per cent of the consumer panellists testing the facial reported immediate feelings of freshness and moisturising effects, while 95 per cent claimed increases in plumpness and reductions of signs of fatigue***.

*In vitro test on keratinocytes, KGF quantification

**Clinical test: 20 people, different climate conditions, one application of Rich Sorbet Cream

***Clinical test: 20 people, after one Hydra Glow treatment

The Hydra Glow Facial is available at Comfort Zone’s 10,000 partner spas worldwide / photo: Comfort Zone
photo: Comfort Zone

"Nature teaches skin how to regenerate" – Eve Merinville, R&D director, Comfort Zone

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 2

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