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2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Starpool: Zerobody Cryo


Starpool: Zerobody Cryo

The new Zerobody Cryo will deliver comfortable cold therapy for spa, wellness and sports says Starpool CEO, Riccardo Turri

The patented membrane wraps around the body PHOTO: Starpool Srl

Tell us about Zerobody Cryo
It features unique technology that combines dry floatation with cold therapy to deliver the same benefits as cryotherapy, but in a less invasive way that’s focused on the deep wellbeing of the individual.

Cold therapy enhances general wellbeing, as well as delivering benefits on both a physical and mental level. For these reasons, it’s a treatment widely used in the spa and wellness, sports, beauty and medical sectors.

What’s the history of this therapy?
It dates back to Roman times but was modernised in 1978 by Japanese doctor Toshima Yamaguchi who saw how cold treatments treated inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. Today it delivers a wide range of wellness outcomes.

What specific benefits does it offer?
Zerobody Cryo allows operators to deliver traditional cold therapy treatments, with significant benefits in terms of the reduction of muscle pain after exercise, reduction of stress and anxiety, the stimulation of antioxidant action in the body and the production of sirtuins which support cell renewal and repair and boost longevity.

In spa, wellness and beauty worlds, Zerobody Cryo sessions can be combined with sauna, Starpool’s Zerobody Dry Float, photobiomodulation and molecular hydrogen therapy, to deliver programmes for stress relief, sleep therapy, performance enhancement and longevity.

In a high-level sport world, cold therapy can be combined with infrared therapy, our Zerobody Dry Float or Finnish sauna to provide innovative solutions for effective recovery and top performances.

How is Zerobody Cryo different from other cold treatments?
Its innovation lies in the simplicity, safety and usability of the application, thanks to a patented membrane which is designed to wrap around the body in a uniform way.

This allows the effective transmission of cold at 4-6˚C, so users can enjoy cold therapy in a safe and non-invasive environment and with less contraindications.

Floating inside the Zerobody Cryo allows the body to benefit from intense cold in comfort and without the risks and disadvantages of some traditional cold therapies.

We hear of people who reject cryotherapy as too extreme and find diving into ice water physically difficult, as well as impractical.

Tell us about the equipment
Zerobody Cryo has an insulated metal tank which is available in various finishes and contains 500 litres of water. It’s brought to an operating temperature of 4-6˚C by a refrigerating device.

The system needs free space on the access side, while the chiller must be situated no more than 2m away. It’s also necessary to provide ventilation in the room to avoid overheating the chiller.

Do staff need training to operate the Zerobody Cryo?
Operator training is simple and similar to that required for using our Zerobody Dry Float. Staff can be fully trained in a few hours.

Cold therapy is not a medical treatment and is not intended to cure any pathology or clinical condition. But it provides effective benefits and is widely used all over the world in sport, spa and beauty centres and even by people in their own homes.

More: www.starpool.com

PHOTO: Gaia Panozzo

"Making effective cold therapy available in this safe and comfortable way is a game changer" – Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 1

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