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2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - MECOTEC: Chill factor


MECOTEC: Chill factor

Kēpos by Goco in Crete has been offering cryotherapy by MECOTEC to the satisfaction of guests

The luxurious Kēpos by Goco offers guests a full cryotherapy experience Photo: Kēpos by Goco
The cryo:one plus chamber delivers treatments that ease a wide range of medical conditions Photo: © mecotec 2023

Much is expected of spa equipment. Each piece must be safe to use, effective in delivering outcomes and reliable. It must also blend seamlessly into a luxurious design concept. The cryo:one series from MECOTEC checks all these boxes, according to spa owners.

“MECOTEC’s whole-body cryo chambers offer visitors a special experience”, says Dr Sultan Masoud Fawzi, a consultant doctor responsible for specialised treatments at Kēpos by Goco Daios Cove. Since spring 2022, the cryo:one plus has been an integral part of this pioneering hub of wellbeing in Crete.

“We’ve received very positive feedback from our clients; who’ve been pleased with the results,” Fawzi said. “Many have reported feeling refreshed, renewed and uplifted after a cryotherapy session.

The cryo:one plus has become a daily cornerstone of therapeutic care in the facility because of its convenient, user-friendly features. It automatically dries itself before shutting down for the night, meaning it’s ready for use the next morning within 45 minutes. With a larger-than-average interior, the cryo:one plus also offers freedom of movement during treatments.

Fawzi applauds the many benefits of the equipment: “Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, weight loss, anxiety, depression and migraines,” he said. “Following a fitness session in the BXR Gym, many clients like to do a post-workout cryotherapy treatment to support recovery and decrease muscle pain.”

At Daios Cove, the cryo:one plus was installed in a small room inside the wellness centre and the device’s recooler equipment was placed about 20 metres away outside the facility. With this design, much of the technology lies hidden from visitors.

Yves Meilich, sales director of MECOTEC, lists many other advantages for customers and operators in addition to installation freedom: “The cryo:one plus is extremely compact, can be set up within a few hours, is ready for use in a short time and is very quiet,” he explains. “In addition, two customers can enjoy the treatment at the same time.

“With the cryo:one plus, owners and operators of spas and wellness and fitness centres can expand their offerings. It can become a new service that existing members will love and it will also appeal to new customer groups.”

More: www.mecotec.net

Photo: Kēpos by Goco

"MECOTEC’s whole body cryo chambers offer visitors a special experience" – Dr Fawzi, Kēpos by Goco

Photo: Mecotec GmbH

"With the cryo:one plus, owners and operators can expand their offerings" – Yves Meilich, MECOTEC

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 1

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