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2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Laboratoires Multaler: Vitamin boost


Laboratoires Multaler: Vitamin boost

French beauty house Laboratoires Multaler has launched two new serums that deliver outstanding results for all skin types

The C20 retail serum comes packaged in recyclable glass and FSC cardboard Photo: Laboratoires Multaler
Photo: Laboratoires Multaler
Yon-Ka has developed a one hour facial using the professional C25 serum Photo: Laboratoires Multaler

Pioneer in aromatherapy, Laboratoires Multaler is the company behind Yon-Ka Paris, the phyto-aromatic skincare line that harnesses the forces of nature to deliver visible, proven results.

The laboratories have poured their expertise into creating two new products – a professional facial product – Serum C25 – and a retail product called Serum C20. Both are powerful new vitamin C oleo-serums.

The products are genderless and vegan, making them suitable for all – in spa and at home.

Made in France and formulated with 99.9 per cent natural ingredients, the new-generation serums quickly and visibly correct lack of radiance, wrinkles and dark spots to create younger and more luminous skin.

For in-spa and home use
At the intersection of medicine and spa treatments, the new Yon-Ka Vitamin C25 facial combines a peel containing 30 per cent glycolic acid with Serum C25 which contains 25 per cent stable vitamin C.

The 10-step facial takes 60 minutes and has a suggested retail price of between €130 and €185

Following the first facial, wrinkles are less visible, the skin is more elastic and dermatologists measured that radiance has increased by 33 per cent. In the clinical trial, 100 per cent of respondents also said they wanted to repeat the facial frequently and would recommend its effectiveness to others.

Retail product, Serum C20, which contains 20 per cent stable vitamin C, is used at home between facials to deliver improvements to the skin. The product has proven its effectiveness in as little as five days on the complexion radiance and evenness of the skin.

After 14 days, the anti-aging effect is visible, and increases after each day of use. The effectiveness on dark spots has also been proven. Details of the test can be seen at www.yonka.com.

A new approach to Vitamin C
Unlike standard vitamin C which comes in the form of ascorbic acid, which can irritate the skin, the vitamin C used by Yon-Ka is fat-soluble for improved bio-assimilation and stabilised so it can be used at high concentrations while being completely safe.

“We’ve succeeded in bringing together all the advantages of vitamin C, but without its disadvantages,” says Yon-Ka’s marketing director, Karen Andrieux. “Our formulas have been tested under dermatological control on all skin types – even sensitive – with perfect tolerance.”

The products were formulated using isopalmitic acid and a sustainable, environmentally-friendly active ingredient called ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate – a 100 per cent naturally derived form of vitamin C.

Both these substances have biotech origins, in which non-GMO corn sugars undergo fermentation. Creating ingredients by this process makes them easily absorbable by the skin, giving an antioxidant action and allowing the stable vitamin C to increase collagen synthesis.

The formulae have been boosted with the addition of native turmeric and pomegranate plant cells to help regulate melanogenesis, as well as organic apricot oil, orange essential oil and Yon-Ka Quintessence, an exclusive complex of five essential oils – lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme – that increases the power of the new formulae.

Laboratoires Multaler called on bio-fermentation and cellular cultivation to create the new products which have been formulated without water, preservatives, acids or alcohol.

A safe and natural product
Both C20 and C25 serums have a thin, lightweight, non-greasy texture and penetrate quickly to deliver a cocooned feeling of comfort to the most sensitive skin. They’re non-comedogenic and provide a silky finish.

Yon-Ka believes that beauty reveals physical and psychological harmony, so each of its products and treatments is designed to deliver a multi-sensory, deeply personal experience.

As a French family brand, Yon-Ka is proud of its policy of designing and creating its products sustainably and responsibly in France, with the utmost respect for nature and the people who produce, grow and harvest the precious botanical active ingredients.

More: www.yonka.com

Photo: Laboratoires Multaler

"We have succeeded in bringing together all the advantages of vitamin C, but without its disadvantages" – Karen Andrieux, marketing director, Yon-Ka

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 1

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