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2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Art of Cryo: Working well


Art of Cryo: Working well

Spa operators and corporate offices can now offer a comprehensive, six-part wellness journey designed by Art of Cryo to elevate health

Art of Cryo has launched a six-part wellness journey called the Tec-Spa Module Photo: art of cryo

Art of Cryo’s latest innovation, the Tec-Spa Module (TSM), is a biohacking solution that combines three Art of Cryo appliances and three health-tracking devices to create a complete journey.

The six-part experience starts with Art of Cryo’s electric Vaultz cryo chambers where guests enjoy programmes tailored to their needs. Next comes a cocktail of light therapy, ionised oxygen therapy, aromatherapy and long-wave heat therapy in the award-winning Multi Cryo-Hacking System (MCS). The third and final pillar involves intermittent vacuum therapy in the Art of Cryo Flow System to stimulate the lymphatic system.

In order to measure guests’ physiological changes and progress, they undergo pre- and post-treatment 3D body scans, have a breath analysis and get feedback from wearing a smart ring called the MCRC Vital X.

According to Art of Cryo, the most attractive benefits are the high-quality treatments, visible results, short treatment times and the non-invasive, holistic approach – all characteristics that make the device a perfect solution for workplace wellbeing.

Flexible treatment options
Completing the entire TSM process takes around 45 minutes, however, to optimise time, the therapies can be micro-dosed at different times throughout the day or a working week, providing an invigorating break for employees, which can increase productivity.

With only an 18sq m space needed for the devices, the TSM can be easily set up by Art of Cryo engineers. All that’s required is to connect it to power, the internet and in some hot parts of the world, connection to a cool-water line.

All elements of the TSM are easy to use, fully programmable and operate with a user-friendly interface. The equipment also only requires minimal staffing.

“The TSM can elevate employee wellbeing and as a consequence, concentration and productivity,” says Rainer Bolsinger, chief sales and marketing officer.

“Giving employees access to this technology is another way for companies to reward their staff and the therapies help employees relax, feel good, refresh their mind, re-energise them and improve their mood.”

City spaces
Bolsinger believes micro-dosing therapies is not only suitable for people who work in offices, but also for those in urban environments.

“Offering high-performance therapies using time-saving equipment is now highly popular,” he says. “In cities, people live a fast-paced life but still want to stay healthy and take care of their wellbeing.

“This is the exact feeling the TSM gives. Express treatments offer city dwellers the opportunity to restart and balance their body and mind.”

Art of Cryo has designed the TSM to help all humans operate at the next level, by improving sleep, nutrition and activity, resulting in better overall health, increased energy, less stress and a better chance of living a long life.

More: www.artofcryo.com

Photo: art of cryo

"The TSM can elevate employee wellbeing and as a consequence, concentration and productivity" – Rainer Bolsinger

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 1

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