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Spa Business
2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - What’s ‘app’ening?


What’s ‘app’ening?

An increasing number of spas use apps to connect with customers, employees and run their businesses. How are software companies helping with this?

Customers can use Zenoti’s app to buy a spa’s products photo: shutterstock/Raul Mellado Ortiz

Amy Douglas
Sales manager, Zenoti UK/Europe
Amy Douglas / Photo: Zenoti

Zenoti offers both an employee and consumer mobile app for spas and salons. They’re designed to be modern, user-friendly and synchronise with software in real-time.

The employee app supports an efficient, personalised service, giving quick access to guest information and the ability to view and update schedules, for example. Additionally, providers can add products and treatments to invoices – and even collect payment in the treatment room via smartphones. Therapists can also view pay, commissions and tips and access digital courses on Zenoti University

Our consumer-facing app is customised to match a spa’s brand. Guests can book appointments, update profiles, view history, manage memberships, refer friends and track loyalty points. Some of the more unique features include viewing promotions and announcements, browsing retail products, seeing the availability of nearby sister properties if one is fully booked and receiving loyalty points for certain actions – like writing a review.

Providers can add product and service invoices to the app and even collect payment in the treatment room
Ilana Alberico
Founder & president, SpaSpace
Ilana Alberico / Photo: Spa Space

Studies have shown that many hospitality workers laid off during the pandemic aren’t willing to return to their original job. One of the biggest reasons for not coming back is an overly long onboarding process.

The SpaSpace app is both team member- and guest-facing and one key element from a business perspective is how it speeds up the recruitment journey. It automatically checks a service professional’s background and verifies their license so we can normally get employees approved in less than a week – which is five times faster than normal.

The app also includes automatic payroll services. This means spas don’t have to submit payroll each month and professionals receive their pay in hours/days rather than weeks/months.

From a customer point of view, SpaSpace is looking to launch a new Wellness Directory. This will allow guests to search for solutions for their needs via our app. It also includes AI recommendations for services, products and facilities.

The app checks a service professional’s background and verifies their license
Charity Hudnall
VP of marketing, Vagaro
Charity Hudnall / Photo: Vagaro

One particular USP of Vagaro’s branded app is that it fully integrates with our software. Whenever a spa updates its business information, services, photos, packages etc on Vagaro, the app updates to reflect that change immediately. So busy owners don’t need to take extra steps to push updates through app stores.

Features of a spa’s app reflect what they’re using in Vagaro Pro. For example, if they’ve enabled an online shopping cart or accept payments online, these capabilities will be live in their app. Likewise, appointment reminders will be sent through app push notifications if the business has them enabled.

Making appointments via the app has taken off and many of our spa facilities report it’s their second-highest method of booking after websites.

The app automatically reflects any updates a spa makes on our software
Booking via the app has really taken off / Photo: shutterstock/Alliance Images
Ricky Daniels
Co-founder, Trybe
Ricky Daniels / Photo: TryBe

We offer a range of functions for spas that can slot straight into a property’s app via our open-API. These include features such as scheduling, payments, digital intake forms, staff rota management, inventory management, retail, reporting and more.

Trybe’s membership functionality is particularly popular. Members are able to log in through the branded app and see their personal information, manage their membership, see what credits they have to spend for the month and book classes.

We’ve also just launched our mobile membership cards which spas can brand up and customers can download to their digital wallet to check in.

Our most sought-after feature – used by all of our spas – is our booking engine. Operators love using this as a mobile app and customers can browse all spa and leisure offerings, pulling straight from the property’s live availability, with the final step of booking and pre-payment available too.

We’ve just launched mobile membership cards
Open API means many functions can slot straight into a spa’s app / Photo: unsplash/ icons8-team
Sherry Cuti
Regional account manager, Springer-Miller
Sherry Cuti

SpaSoft’s Online Booking Engine can embed into a spa’s mobile app, opening to a booking window and automatically filling appointment books within SpaSoft.

Due to the infrastructure of our Online Booking Application, each spa has the flexibility to customise its booking platform to meet brand and operational needs or to even design a completely new guest experience.

With the next generation of SpaSoft, we’re excited about the flexibility and enhancements on the horizon for mobile applications. Expected later in the year, we’re working on a guest-facing point-of-sale where guests can manage their payments from the palm of their hand. It will introduce a link to pay, the ability for guests to review their bill, apply gratuities, capture electronic signatures and more.

We’ll be launching a guest-facing point-of-sale function later this year

Originally published in Spa Business 2023 issue 1

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