22 Sep 2023 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2023 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Active IQ: Ambitious plan


Active IQ: Ambitious plan

Active IQ has set itself the fast- track target of being carbon neutral by 2024, as CEO, Jenny Patrickson explains

Active IQ has designed a suite of new logos to highlight its eco initiative Photo: *shutterstock / Miha Creative

At Active IQ, we’re working to become a more sustainable business. As an awarding organisation and end-point assessment organisation, we began our journey helping people live healthier lives back in 2003, through the influence of the graduates that achieve Active IQ qualifications.

Now, on the cusp of our 20th anniversary, we want to do our part for the planet, as well as its people and this is why we recently unveiled our new sustainability strategy, Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

Focusing on nine key themes in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we’ve set out an ambitious plan to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2024.

A new partnership
We’ve partnered with Our Carbon, a company that specialises in helping businesses understand their impact and emissions. They helped us calculate that we produced an estimated 207.46 tonnes of CO2e in 2019 and 103.67 tonnes in 2021, based on things such as the production and purchase of materials, road, rail and air travel, energy consumption, staff commuting, delivery of physical products and IT and data storage.

Our next step is to collate our carbon accounts for 2022. This will enable us to gauge whether our altered business practices are already having an impact.

Next, we’re going to reflect on our operations in four areas: business travel, our head office, online data storage and stock additions. Then we’ll reduce our emissions where possible and offset outstanding carbon emissions with certified, environmentally-conscious solutions.

Collaborating the succeed
We hope that you, our partners, will support us and collaborate with us where possible in our efforts to contribute to a healthier planet. We can’t afford to wait and we all need to work together, because small acts, when multiplied, can help to transform the world.

More: www.activeiq.co.uk

"Active IQ has embarked on its own journey to contribute to a healthier planet. This now includes our aspiration to do our bit for the planet, as well as its people and we’re actively exploring ways to pivot our business model to align to a more sustainable operation" - Jenny Patrickson, Managing Director

Originally published in Health Club Management 2023 issue 2

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