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2023 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Fish tale

Visitor centre

Fish tale

Inspired by shimmering fish scales and housing exhibition and event spaces, a private cinema and a rooftop terrace, this floating visitor centre aims to explore more sustainable ways of feeding the planet

The Salmon Eye centre aims to educate visitors about the future of fish farming Photo: Sebastian L Torjusen
The cladding of the Kvorning-designed visitor centre was inspired by fish scales Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam
Photo: Kvorning Design
Photo: Kvorning Design

A new floating visitor centre and art installation is showcasing aquaculture, informing the world on how to better feed the planet with sustainable seafood. Called Salmon Eye, the aquaculture centre is located in Norway’s Hardangerfjord, just outside the town of Rosendal.

Created by Kvorning Design, the project was conceived and financed by Sondre Eide, the CEO of third-generation salmon farming business Eide Fjordbruk.

A world-class visitor and learning centre, Salmon Eye aims to highlight the impact of aquaculture and its production techniques. The centre is intended to be a leading forum for learning, teaching and holding open discussions about the future of fish farming.

The aim is to build and evolve toward creating highly sustainable means of aquaculture practices.

Measuring 1,000sq m and with a height of 14,55m, the interior space spans four levels. The exterior design of the centre mimics the shiny, silvery skin of salmon and the shape takes after the fish’s eye – which means it can be seen from miles away.

Arne Kvorning, CEO of Kvorning Design – and mastermind of the architectural design of the pavilion – said: “Salmon Eye will become an international design icon for Eide Fjordbruk and revolutionise sustainable aquaculture in the future.

“I’m convinced the floating aquaculture visitor attraction and art installation will set new standards for sustainable aquaculture in every aspect.

“I’m thrilled to see how the initial ideas have emerged intact – from design, interaction, research and technology to the realisation of the immersive experience.

“Salmon Eye looks completely like our early visuals. It has been fantastic to design the floating pavilion together with such a trusting, ambitious and visionary entrepreneur like Sondre Eide, the Eide family, and the dedicated team at Eide Fjordbruk who believed in the idea and envisioned its full potential from the very beginning three years ago.”


Project: Salmon Eye

Client: Eide Fjordbruk, Hålandsdalen, Norway

Location: Hardangerfjord at Hågardsneset just outside Rosendal, Norway

Architecture and experience design: Kvorning Design, Denmark

AV: Creative Technology Norway

Contractor AS: Fluctus, Norway

Fabrication: Marketex Marine, Estonia

Project period: 2019-2022


Double-curved ellipsoid structure

Height: 14,55 m spanning 4 levels (above and below the water)

Area: 1,000.6 square meters

Weight: 1,256 tons

Location: Located above 300m depth, designed and built to withstand over 4m waves

Access: Guided visits by electric boats from Rosendal, Norway.

Photo: Anders Hjerming

Arne Kvorning of Kvorning Design designed the new visitor centre

Originally published in Attractions Management 2023 issue 1

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