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2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Sothys: Nature as inspiration


Sothys: Nature as inspiration

Home-grown ingredients and a commitment to sustainability lie at the heart of the Sothys brand, says Christian Mas

Formulations are inspired by plants growing in Sothys’ botanical garden Photo: Sothys
Sothys is offsetting its use of plastic Photo: Sothys

French skincare and spa brand Sothys has positioned nature as a source of inspiration at the very heart of its brand ethos.

Nowhere is this belief more powerfully expressed than in Les Jardins Sothys – four hectares of stunning botanical gardens which were designed and created by the company on the borders of a natural lake near Auriac in the Dordogne.

The garden provides inspiration, guiding the creation of Sothys products, with the company’s belief: ‘Beauty is our passion, nature is our soul’. Thanks to this philosophy, delivering on sustainability is integral to everything Sothys does.

Power of sustainability
As earth-consciousness grows among consumers when it comes to the businesses people choose to interact with, Sothys continuously innovates to honour these demands.

In 2022, the brand launched The Sothys Organics Collection, a new organic line powered by vegan formulae and active ingredients. This range marked the start of a new era for Sothys, as it’s the first line in its portfolio to be partnered with social enterprise Plastic Bank, a company that has so far recovered 56.2m kg of plastic from the ocean.

By signing up to the Plastic Bank scheme, Sothys is ensuring that for every Sothys Organics product purchased, waste pickers in countries including Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia collect and remove the equivalent amount of plastic in coastal areas.

Local collectors exchange ocean-bound plastic for bonuses that provide access to basic family necessities, such as food, cooking fuel, school fees and health insurance. The collected material is then reborn as Social Plastic feedstock, which can be reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain.

Christian Mas, Sothys CEO, commented: “We’re responsible for our emissions and want to be able to clearly measure our contribution to waste reduction. This collaboration is really important to us and we plan to extend it to other lines in future.”

Mas says the two companies are synergistic, not only through their focus on investing in and protecting the environment, but also because of their shared emphasis on the value of fair trade and protecting workers.

Sothys continues to explore ways to push the boundaries of sustainability and is working to establish a long-term sustainability mandate. The brand has also commissioned a study to measure its carbon footprint and will implement more reductions based on the findings.

More: www.sothys.fr

PHOTO: sothys

Christian Mas

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 3

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