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2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - TechnoAlpin: Powerful contrast


TechnoAlpin: Powerful contrast

Spa clients can enjoy super-cool relaxation and pain-relief at Sächsische Staatsbäder in Bad Brambach thanks to a TechnoAlpin SnowRoom

The wellbeing setting creates a ‘magical wintry vibe’ Photo: Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH + T.Peisker
The SnowRoom can be adapted to specific customer needs Photo: ©ArminHuber

Imagine experiencing the benefits of contrast therapy by stepping out of a sauna and into a room full of soft, powdery snow. This is just one of the creative ways that Sächsische Staatsbäder – the radon therapy centre in Bad Brambach – is using its TechnoAlpin SnowRoom to create a wellbeing experience for customers.

The room is an immersive, cold-intensive wellness experience operators can use in many settings and creative programmes to suit location, business model and client needs.

Each bespoke installation allows operators to create a unique SnowRoom experience for customers, using an online design configurator to access step-by-step visual design options.

The company offers a choice of natural forest or rock landscape winter environments, as well as the Cubic Design – an angular style which was created by architects, Snøhetta (see image).

SnowRooms can be customised to fit any room size or shape and come in custom colours with a range of accessory, glass door and lighting options.

Hot and cold in Bad Brambach
Sächsische Staatsbäder benefits from Bad Brambach’s unique location close to natural radon sources in Saxony, Germany. The wellness facility uses this resource in its wellness and rehabilitation programmes that include bathing in, drinking and inhaling radon, as well as radon mouth washes.

The SnowRoom is used in combination with pre- and post-heat radon therapies as part of a three-phase 55-minute programme. This includes a full-body warm up in the tepidarium, a three- to eight-minute cool down in the SnowRoom – where customers experience temperatures of -10 degrees C – and reheating in the light and heat room.

The cold-warm contrast causes blood vessels to constrict and dilate, stimulating the supply of blood and oxygen to the tissues to strengthen the immune system and deliver anti-inflammatory and chronic pain relief benefits. The treatment is particularly helpful for customers suffering from inflammatory rheumatic disease, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and circulatory and sleep disorders.

While the SnowRoom is used as part of a therapeutic treatment at Sächsische Staatsbäder, it adapts to every location and business model, giving a magical wintry vibe all year round anywhere in the world.

More: www.technoalpin.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 3

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