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2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Gharieni: Delivering results


Gharieni: Delivering results

Innovation is the hallmark of Gharieni experiences, meeting the rapidly evolving needs of wellness seekers within the spa and wellness environment

The Celliss is driving a slimming and contouring revolution Photo: Gharieni
The Welnamis offers binaural vibroacoustics therapy Photo: Gharieni

Gharieni has evolved its products and services to create a range of 21st century wellness experiences that are inspired by trends, combined with the findings of third-party research.

These mind/body technologies deliver the benefits of touchless treatments in combination with traditional therapies, to provide verified wellness outcomes that exceed customer expectations.

Commenting on this ‘verified wellness’ approach, founder and CEO Sammy Gharieni says: “Wellness trends are not just about product, but also about ‘experience. Our third-party research ensures that scientific knowledge guides the development of our technologies, so they deliver exact health benefits for guests looking for wellness experiences that really work.”

Wellness trends
Gharieni’s USP is based on aligning with consumer mindsets and needs. The company’s ability to respond rapidly to shifts in wellness trends means constant enhancements to its product line.

Technologies that offer a multitude of consumer benefits are especially popular – for example, the Celliss is driving a slimming and contouring revolution, offering shaping and toning results. It can also be used for sports preparation and recovery, while improving skin tone.

The emergence of medical wellness, which combines a diverse range of modalities and treatments – complementary and allopathic – with expert advice from qualified physicians, is enabling guests to improve their health and quality of life through a preventative lifestyle approach.

This is achieved through a combination of treatments based on technologies and hands-on methods that offer mid- to long-term benefits.

This approach is already popular in Europe and the Middle East and is growing in popularity in the US. In Germany, for example, medical wellness is an economic driver in the health, tourism and leisure sectors, resulting in a growing trend towards the provision of travel packages based around these principles.

Industry innovator
Gharieni’s focus on delivering verified wellness benefits through the efficacy of its technologies, sees it applying knowledge found in scientific literature and third-party research into the development of treatment beds which can be used to deliver results using beneficial mind/body technologies.

Each Gharieni bed has its own specific features. These mind/body wellness technologies are designed to work individually, for the delivery of standalone treatments, or to be deployed as part of a spa’s wider treatment menu, to deliver optimal results.

The use of technology for hands-on and touchless experiences is delivering treatments that prevent chronic disease, improve mental fitness and provide an increased feeling of wellbeing.

All the company’s flagship products have been developed using this approach, including the Augmented Massage bed which delivers symphonic and symbiotic massage treatments via sound, with the treatment directed by the touch of the therapist delivering a singular massage experience every time.

Another example is the Welnamis, which uses binaural vibroacoustics therapy and brainwave entrainment to enhance mood and reduce stress, as well as improving sleep quality and quantity. The effects of this can support the treatment of PTSD and are also anti-inflammatory.

Evidence base
The importance of evidence-based treatment protocols, enhanced experiences and the growth of interest in wellness, means experiences, such as the Libra Edge bed, can elevate a property’s offerings and add real value for guests.

A hydrotherapy treatment, Libra Edge delivers a choreographed shower experience that supports immune function and benefits the nervous system while increasing bloodflow.

Wellness loungers are disrupting the Wellness space.Gharieni’s RLX Aurasens Experience Lounger uses the latest haptic technology to create an immersive sensorial sound experience to support relaxation and healing.

Education is key
As treatments become more sophisticated and coaching components continue to be integrated into all aspects of the wellness journey – especially in medical wellness – making sure therapists are trained to deliver a rich, compelling range of treatments is essential. As Gharieni explains: “Continuing education is paramount in ensuring effective and consistent treatment delivery to maximise results, particularly as treatments get more complex,” he says. “We offer training packages with purchases so therapists can be confident in the knowledge and application when it comes to using these sophisticated machines”.

More: www.gharieni.com

Photo: Gharieni

"Wellness trends are not just about ‘product’, but also about ‘experience" – Sammy Gharieni, CEO, Gharieni

Gharieni mind/body wellness technologies
Holistic therapy benefits
MLX Quartz

Treatment: Psammotherapy


• Potent anti-inflammatory

• Pain relief

• Deep relaxation

• Supports the immune system

• Increases blood circulation

MLX i³Dome

Treatment: Triple Detox Therapy


• Improved wellbeing

• Promotes detoxification

• Sports recovery

• Supports metabolism

• Reduced stress & depression

RLX Satori Wellness Lounger

Treatment: Targeted vibroacoustics


• Guided meditation

• Weightless relaxation experience

• Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

Relax with MLX Quartz
Detox in the Dome
Enjoy guided meditations

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 3

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