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Health Club Management
2022 issue 6

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Leisure Management - Technogym: powerful content


Technogym: powerful content

Technogym’s latest connected equipment offers members personalised cardio training experiences with fresh content provided by expert instructors

With Technogym Sessions, members can get expert coaching from their consoles photo: TECHNOGYM
Members have on-the-fly, fast-track, on-screen controls photo: TECHNOGYM
Content is created by 40+ ‘top talent’ trainers photo: TECHNOGYM
Technogym Sessions content is available in seven languages photo: TECHNOGYM

Embracing the evolution of digital software solutions has become increasingly important – especially when it comes to delivering personalised training experiences that provide efficient and engaging content to your members.

The Technogym Live training content platform features on-demand workouts for fitness, sport and health and is available on all product lines, including the latest innovation in cardio equipment – the eight-piece Excite Live range.

Technogym cardio equipment has a simple and intuitive interface called Technogym Live, key to the platform are Sessions that guides and motivates exercisers to reach their goals, with a personalised training experience offering relevant content to elevate the training experience.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for personalisation and to have the most engaging and motivating trainers supporting them in achieving their goals.

Endless training possibilities
There are over 700 highly engaging, trainer led readily available sessions, so members can find the perfect workout that best meets their needs.

There are six progressive sessions in each goal-based training series, such as ‘your first 5k’, drills and technique, fitter and faster and endurance and efficiency.

Members can boost their workout with pure energy from the best trainers, as sessions are led by 40+ ‘top talent’ trainers who are leading PTs and social media influencers. Let them show your members proper form and motivate them to achieve maximum results.

Alongside the six progressive sessions, members can also train in a time-based goal session and once in the session, they can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced intensities. Along the top of the profile, they’ll see their overall class profile and Technogym Sessions profile. They can then control the intensity on the left- and right-hand sides of their screen with on-the-fly fast-track controls to ensure they stay true to their form.

Along with delivering Sessions, the Technogym Content Factory – with two studios in Italy and a third in Los Angeles – has also directed and produced all the sessions, with over 700 hours of original content to motivate and encourage members through their workouts.

Technogym Coach
Built into every piece of equipment and the entire ecosystem, Technogym Coach is AI that provides motivation and guidance to help members train better and make the most of their workout. And with a variety of new content on the consoles, accomplishing goals has never been such fun.
Members can start a journey of engagement and motivation and with Technogym Sessions, they’ll have a personalised trainer at their fingertips.


Fast facts
Technogym Sessions

• 700+ sessions

• In 7 languages

• With 40+ talented trainers

• Over 700 hours of content available

Case study 1
Crow Wood Leisure
Oliver Brown

“We took on Technogym Sessions purely to offer something new to our members, as we knew it would tick the box for a significant majority of them.

“Initially, we put Sessions on two treadmills, however, after seeing the success of this, we added it to our full offering of eight treadmills.

“Offering Sessions on gym floor treadmills is a great opportunity for people to get involved, as we definitely see a real interest in it at peak club times from members who wouldn’t necessarily go into a class environment, but are looking for support and to get instruction.”

“We’ve been with Technogym since day one and have followed all the new equipment adoptions across the site.

“We get the best support we feel there is, while also getting longevity of equipment on-site, as the equipment stands up to the test, handling a thousand visits a day – something we’re working to increase.

“We know we can rely on the Technogym equipment to stand up to this usage.”

We’ve added Technogym Sessions to all our treadmills
Case study 2
Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club
Alice Hulley

“We adopted the Technogym Sessions because we wanted to offer something extra for our members and to stay ahead, because of the way the market was moving.

“Members have given us great feedback about the addition of Technogym Sessions, because they love that they’re trainer-led workouts.

“For many members, to come to the club and log onto a cardio machine then to see an instructor and to have an experience of working out with them – but on their own piece of kit and in their own time – they think is brilliant.

“The Technogym team is also excellent and has really helped support us as a club. We’ve built a fantastic partnership with them and they’re far more than just a gym equipment supplier. It’s been wonderful to work with them for the past five years.”

We get great feedback about Technogym Sessions

Originally published in Health Club Management 2022 issue 6

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