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Health Club Management
2022 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Software solutions (Part 1)


Software solutions (Part 1)

Each health club has its own unique challenges, but the right tech solution can make all the difference. In the first of a two-part series, specialists share how they’ve solved specific issues

The right tech solution can make all the difference to a club photo: 1Rebel hammersmith

Ernst De Neef
photo: Emmily B. Photography

1Rebel approached us to provide a solution that would support its trainers in delivering a more personalised workout experience for its functional, high-intensity 1Rebel Rig concept. This is the kind of project we get excited about, so we explored how our digital solutions could be applied.

The result was the installation of our MultiScreen Solution. Our technology allowed 1Rebel to upload its own content to our Virtual Player platform and stream it to 32 screens that we helped strategically position across four workout zones: assault bike, rower, bench, and rig.

Individual screens were programmed to independently display single exercise videos in sync with the other 31 screens in the circuit, creating a digital coaching resource at each workout station. The implementation of our MultiScreen software created a workout environment that freed up 1Rebel’s trainers to focus more on motivating, inspiring, and generally delivering interactions that enhance the individual workout experience of their customers.

Through this fusion of digital and in-person instruction and coaching, 1Rebel has evolved the classic circuit concept and elevated the experience for participant and trainer to a new level. This is the future of boutique and gym-floor training.

Our technology allowed 1Rebel to upload its own content and stream it to 32 screens across four workout zones
The installation fused digital and in-person instruction / photo: 1Rebel
The installation fused digital and in-person instruction / photo: 1Rebel
Emma Excell
photo: Fisikal

Activ, a gym chain in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has separate gyms for both men and women, approached us to create a custom-branded experience for its members.

Features of particular interest to them were our digital solutions for membership management, bookings for group exercise and personal training and payments, as well as the option to launch live streaming and on-demand workouts. We’ll also be integrating with their local access control partner.

This project included a number of custom developments – culturally, we had to consider the Arabic translation, navigation of the member app and gender separation elements. In order to do this, we set up the system to ensure there was no overlap between male and female members when booking. We also had to create specific reporting requirements so men and women are displayed on the dashboards as two separate ‘clubs’.

Activ needed to use its local payment cards through the Fisikal booking systems and comply with recent tax changes and invoicing to meet Saudi requirements.

We had to consider the Arabic translation of the member app and the gender separation elements
photo: Fisikal
Thomas Schuster
photo: Innovatise

Our client, South Downs Leisure, was looking for a solution to streamline its membership sales with a view to getting more leads each month, and converting those to memberships with as little work as possible for staff.

Until this time, the operator had been relying on members referring friends through word of mouth, with minimal manual marketing and no technology in place to support them.

To overcome this issue, South Downs Leisure used the myFitApp Lead Generation module. Integrated within its branded app, this feature allowed it to incentivise its members to send referral messages to their friends and family members. Members could use the app to send messages via different channels, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, email and text. Their friends received a unique link that they used to provide their details and retrieve a joining offer.

Using the in-App Lead Generation module, South Downs Leisure gained 300 new members in six months, including a 50 per cent conversion of referrals to leads, and 70 per cent conversion of leads to new members.

Using an in-app lead generation module, South Downs Leisure gained 300 new members in six months
photo: Innovatise
Lucas Lefevre
Lefevre: ‘Our app helps the staff at Chronofit save a lot more time’ / photo: magicline

Last summer, French EMS franchise Chronofit chose Magicline to support its development. The company already had software in place, but it was not meeting all of its needs, especially the need to be more digital.

Magicline gave Chronofit the opportunity to have a more efficient interaction with members. We helped the company get more trial sessions booked and simplified the flow of appointment bookings. Chronofit clients can now book sessions in the app and the booking is instantly registered in the gym’s planning system. For managers, it’s a real time saver.

Our member app also empowers members to manage their personal details and information without the interaction of a staff member in the studio. Finally, Magicline allows API integration to the client’s website so trial session bookings and online membership registrations run smoothly with their corporate identity.

Chronofit is currently reworking its website to allow clients to book directly on the website. Before this, customers had to fill out a form or call the studio.

Our overall aim was to support the daily life of Chronofit’s franchisees who needed an efficient tool to run their business, as they sometimes work alone or with limited staff. We’re constantly in communication with the client to ensure Magicline covers all needs.

Our app empowers members to manage their personal details and information without the interaction of a staff member
Magicline helped Chronofit get more trial sessions booked / photo: Magicline
Emily Bartels
photo: Mindbody

Yoga London is a modern, unfussy yoga studio located in Idaho, USA. The idea for Yoga London was born out of founder Favad Malik’s experience in personal financial wealth management, which taught him family, health and wealth are connected.

Opening just four months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Yoga London experienced challenges from the start. Between months of shutdowns and quick pivots to online classes, growth hasn’t always been easy. Securing traditional financing can be a time-consuming process, and Malik didn’t have time to focus on this while running and growing his business. He also ran into hurdles securing capital, as he’s a UK passport holder and was ineligible for funding from traditional American lenders.

Using Mindbody Capital, designed to provide wellness businesses with easy access to funds, Malik received fast and flexible funding that helped him market to a wider audience, increase recruitment efforts, and bring on more staff. Through his partnership with Mindbody, he plans to open additional locations and continue growing a community.

Using Mindbody Capital, Favad Malik got fast and flexible funding for his business
Mindbody funding has empowered growth / photo: Mindbody
Peter Croft
Perfect Gym
photo: Perfect Gym

As a high-end health and racquet club, Club Towers offers a unique experience, combining fitness facilities with spa and nutrition, recognising the importance of giving members a complete club experience. The operator needed a membership management system that allowed it to offer customisable memberships with automated multi-zone access capabilities.

Club Towers membership packages are centred on families or ‘groups’, where individual members of the family or group can have tailored packages assigned to their membership under the family or group umbrella.

Perfect Gym enabled Club Towers to create customisable family memberships that give each family member unique accesses combined into one monthly package. This means, for instance, you can have adults with racket sports access and children with pool access, all included in the same membership. Customisable family memberships bring simplicity and transparency to Club Towers. Families only have to pay once for a package tailored to their needs, instead of being oversold on packages that only certain family members will use.

Using Perfect Gym’s open API and ecosystem of digital partners, members can also now reserve specific zones of the facilities according to their package.

We enabled Club Towers to create customisable family memberships
photo: Perfect Gym

Originally published in Health Club Management 2022 issue 4

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