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Spa Business
2022 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Reconnect with ISPA


Reconnect with ISPA

After a two-year absence, ISPA’s annual Conference offers its members an opportunity to reconnect and to learn more about the available tools that can help them recharge their businesses

This year’s ISPA Conference will be held in Las Vegas shutterstock/Lucky-photographer
ISPA members can reunite in person after a two-year absence photo: ISPA
Offering an opportunity to exchange ideas and network Photo: ISPA

The international spa industry has been heavily impacted by the evolving challenges presented by the pandemic during the last two years, including restrictions on business and travel. However, despite these obstacles, the resilience of the spa community has been on full display, as professionals from across the globe have come together to address exceptional, unforeseen issues within the sector. These efforts have repeatedly showcased the industry’s commitment to working together to maintain the high standards and benefits related to the international spa experience.

Viva Las Vegas
The industry’s ‘must attend’ 2022 ISPA Conference event, which is taking place from May 2-4 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a fantastic opportunity for members to reconnect, gain insight, inspiration and celebrate the industry with their colleagues from across the globe.
For those that may have experienced a difficult couple of years that may have triggered stress and burnout, the conference offers the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and to benefit from three days of speaker presentations that cover a range of topics including business strategy, customer service and management.

ISPA Talent Toolkit
Some of the most pressing issues currently facing ISPA members, and up for discussion at the ISPA Conference, relate to staff shortages and employee retention. In response to these challenges, volunteers from the ISPA community have been putting their heads together to develop the ISPA Talent Toolkit, which will serve as a roadmap for members in need of guidance on this critical issue.

In addition to the numerous resources related to talent recruitment and engagement strategies, the toolkit will also include: a checklist to help members know what to prepare in advance to help new staff members hit the ground running when they begin on day one; a conversation with workforce trends expert Seth Mattison on workplace leadership and evolution; job description templates; and an on-demand session on talent management strategies - taken from the 2021 ISPA Stronger Together Summit.

Another valuable member resource is the ISPA Career Center, which contains a Job Bank where members can post an unlimited number of open positions at their location. It only takes a couple of days for job postings to attract hundreds of views from visitors looking to progress their career or enter the industry.

Informing decisions through research
Don’t forget that ISPA members also benefit from a wealth of opportunities and tools to help them succeed, and the ISPA Research Library is one of the popular resources. The library offers hundreds of pages of research reports spanning the gamut of critical industry topics and key metrics.

For example, an important annual report, conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), is the ISPA US Spa Industry Study which presents the state of the industry as indicated by total revenues, spa visits, average revenue per visit, the total number of spa locations and staffing levels. These are referred to as the ‘Big Five’ statistics and are collected through a nationwide survey of spa businesses.

ISPA also conducts consumer research studies to monitor and identify the patterns of consumer behavior within the spa space so spa professionals can continue to make informed decisions on how to best reach today’s consumer.

These Snapshot Surveys offer a constant flow of insight for spa professionals seeking a real-time impression of how spa and resource partner members are handling trending issues in the industry. With a new topic for each survey, as well as running quarterly performance reports, Snapshot Surveys are what ISPA members use to gain ideas to support innovation and critical decisions.

Whatever your business needs, ISPA offers the chance to embrace the future together. More: www.experienceispa.com


ISPA connects professionals from every corner of the global spa industry. Through constant networking, education, research and exposure opportunities, ISPA members can use member resources to assist in their professional development and help them build their business. Learn more about membership at: www.experienceispa.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 1

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