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2022 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Yon-ka: Plant power


Yon-ka: Plant power

Benefiting from its founders’ passion for plants, Yon-Ka’s new brand identity reflects its past and its continued research into the healing power of plants which enables the company to craft innovative formulas that deliver results

Yon-Ka products are made from an average of 92% natural ingredients Yon-Ka
Therapists are trained in the product benefits and treatment techniques Yon-Ka

French aromatherapy pioneers Cécile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler established the Laboratories Multaler in 1954, armed with a passion for understanding the therapeutic properties of plants from around the globe.

They developed a line of phyto-aromatic skincare products, known as Yon-Ka, based on knowledge shared through their network of scientists, chemists and doctors.

Today, the family business is led by the founders’ daughter and niece, Françoise (CEO) and Catherine (MD) Mühlethaler – a biochemist and an aesthetician – whose complementary skills have brought a unique dimension to the brand.

Over the years, the two have collaborated to ensure Yon-Ka plays a pioneering role in the creation of holistic skincare by overseeing the development of products that contain unique combinations of aromatherapy, aromachology, phytotherapy and gemmotherapy ingredients, that harness the power of nature to offer real results for authentic beauty at every age.

Product efficacy
Yon-Ka’s collection of almost 100 face and body retail and professional products are created from an average of 92 per cent of natural ingredients. Most of these products are vegan, all are gluten free and organic sourced ingredients are used wherever possible. They also comply with European manufacturing regulations that guarantee the highest levels of efficacy and safety. The raw materials and the finished products are not tested on animals.

Product efficacy is vigorously tested during clinical studies conducted in independent testing laboratories and supervised by expert dermatologists. Safety assessments on cell cultures are conducted by independent toxicologists and physico-chemical and bacteriological controls are conducted by Yon-Ka’s expert laboratory scientists, while product production and primary packaging takes place in clean rooms within optimal safety conditions to guarantee maximum bacteriological security.

New brand identity
The company has recently redefined its brand identity to promote The Experience of Phyto-Aromatic Skincare through new, authentic, nature-focused visuals that convey its respect for nature. These subtle changes reflect Yon-Ka’s continued commitment to ensuring every treatment is created using ingredients and technology that are kind to the planet and offer users unique experiences that are effective and pleasing to the senses.

The new brand platform also promotes Yon-Ka’s commitment to becoming increasingly eco- and nature-inspired within its operations. The new visuals convey care, expertise and natural product know-how, together with a sensorial approach to wellness through light and shadow designs that convey warm elegance, soft faces and aesthetic bodies.

Spa engagement
Six thousand international spa professionals already use Yon-Ka’s comprehensive range of phyto-aromatic skincare products for their clients who want natural, results-driven treatments.

An effective treatment solution is available for every client’s beauty or wellbeing concern, which therapists can identify through the Yon-Ka skin diagnostic test. For example, the Aroma-Fusion body care treatments include body scrubs, massages and rituals that can be performed using different therapy techniques and in varying degrees of intensity. A choice of essential oils offer olfactory notes and effects that meet individual needs.

Therapists can expand their product knowledge, while learning specific treatment protocols and techniques either through introductory and advanced training at Yon-Ka training centres or within their spa setting or through virtual sessions. From a business point of view, Yon-Ka can assist spa and wellness operators with the creation of specific spa concepts by devising treatment menus and adapting the spa environment to suit the needs of the clientele.

Both therapists and reception staff can also be trained in how best to promote home-care products, while a marketing toolkit is available to help them communicate effectively with current and potential Yon-Ka customers.

More: www.yonka.com

Five company values

• Effectiveness through nature – products are based on a combination of four plant sciences and active ingredients with proven efficacy

• Excellent formulations – using organic, gluten free ingredients that meet the criteria of a strict charter developed by a team of experts

• Expert techniques – using unique spa treatment techniques, including Eastern and Western protocols

• Experience for the senses – essential oils ensure relaxing, aromatic treatments that benefit the body and mind

• Ethical commitments – Eco-friendly, 100 per cent French-made products and a brand committed to caring for the planet.

Yon-Ka hero products

• Yon-Ka Lotion - created from 99.6 per cent of natural ingredients including the brand’s Quintessence - essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme

• Hydra N°1 hydrating product range

• Age Exception, the premium global anti-aging collection

• 4 Boosters - a range of products that can be used to personalise day and night creams - tailoring them to problems such as fatigue, the changing seasons and harsh external factors, according to individual needs

• Phyto-Bain – used in the bath or shower - the ‘spa at home’ essential for draining and toning the skin thanks to the powerful and balancing lavender, helichrysum, petitgrain, rosemary and sage essential oils.

Yon-Ka’s phyto-aromatic skincare range allows for natural, results-driven treatments

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 1

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