17 Aug 2022 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Clubbercise: Power of group exercise

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Clubbercise: Power of group exercise

Clubbercise classes deliver proven results for fitness facilities. We speak to Simon Blay, group exercise coordinator at CV Life, to find out more

Clubbercise delivers compelling group exercise photo: Clubbercise / Sara Elin Nilsson

When did you launch Clubbercise?
We launched in 2017 and run weekly sessions at four out of our five centres. We offer five sessions a week and this year we’re seeing class numbers continuing to be high performers with members coming from all over the area.

What impact has Clubbercise had?
It’s had a massive and positive impact on new, old, and prospective members. The studios are full, and the choice of music and choreography is helping growth at all sites. Our brilliant team of Clubbercise instructors is building relationships which help us retain the current members.

What would you say are the biggest benefits of Clubbercise?
The opportunity to offer classes to such a wide range of clients. Also, to have the party back after all the lockdowns is helping our business grow, members are returning and it’s helping us reach out to new members of all walks of life.

About Clubbercise
A well-established concept

Clubbercise launched in 2013 and has won numerous industry awards, most recently, it was crowned Best Dance Brand at the 2021 National Community Fitness Awards. Today, there are roughly 100,000 people taking regular Clubbercise classes.

The key to its success is its mass appeal – from those who are just starting out on their fitness journey to music fans and cardio lovers. Classes have a nightclub atmosphere, the lights are dimmed and everyone uses a pair of reusable Clubbercise LED glow sticks.

The darkened environment makes Clubbercise highly attractive to beginners, as one of the main barriers to exercise shown by customer surveys is “not being fit enough” or “not knowing the moves”. At Clubbercise that’s less of an issue.

Making fitness fun

Clubbercise classes help people fall in love with fitness, which means that they’re more likely to stick around and they’re also more likely to tell their friends. The cleverly integrated cardio, toning, combat, and plyometric moves increase the fitness benefits, and with a need to get people back into venues, having a leading, enjoyable group exercise concept on the timetable is essential.

Extra profits

Clubbercise glow sticks have an average profit of £2.50 per pair. There’s also a healthy 15 per cent profit to be made on Clubbercise-branded clothing and accessories.

"The studios are full, and the music and choreography are helping growth at all sites," –  Simon Blay

Originally published in Health Club Management 2022 issue 3

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