17 Aug 2022 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Fisikal: Revolutionising PT engagement

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Fisikal: Revolutionising PT engagement

Fitness First has made personal training more accessible by deploying new levels of digitalisation in partnership with Fisikal

The integration with Fisikal is driving the success of Fitness First PTs photo: Fisikal
Fisikal integrates with the FFX app photo: Fisikal

Fitness First UK has partnered with Fisikal to integrate PT bookings into its FFX app, making PT more accessible and attractive. The integration is now live across all 45 UK clubs.

“Moving PT bookings into a digital space means members can now self-manage their fitness experience from anywhere, 24/7,” says Keith Shaw, head of personal training.

“By making it as simple as possible for members to view trainer profiles, explore packages and connect directly with a trainer, we’ve improved the visibility and accessibility of the service, making it easier for members to engage.

“By repositioning how we promote PT and moving bookings and payments online, our self-employed PTs focus less on admin and more on members. This not only delivers a more personalised experience, it also creates an environment where PTs can thrive.

“The booking integration on the app gives members access to book anything from 60-minute one-to-one sessions to 30-minute small group sessions and options to book directly into a trainer’s schedule. We’re finding that, by booking direct, paying and receiving automated reminders, fewer members are cancelling, which is great news for PTs.

"All new members are also offered a complimentary one-to-one session, as well as the option to purchase discounted PT sessions to get them started on their fitness journey with us. We’re recording an attendance rate upwards of 70 per cent – double what we saw before launching the app.

“Moving PT management online means we can also set up and run promotions more easily. For example, on Blue Monday we ran one to turn the day ‘Red’, offering members not engaged in PT, a credit for a free session.

“We had hundreds of members sign up, creating a rich source of potential clients for our trainers.

Our partnership with Fisikal has been instrumental to the success of our PT booking integration.

Being able to activate promotions quickly in response to member behaviour or market trends has the potential to revolutionise our PT engagement.

In addition to enhancing the experience for members and trainers, the ability to pull real-time reports, detailing the commercial performance of our PT business on an estate-wide level empowers us to make swift operational adjustments that minimise risk and maximise opportunities.”


"New members are offered a complimentary one-to-one session, and the option to buy discounted PT to get them started. We’re recording attendances upwards of 70 per cent – double the pre-app level " – Keith Shaw, head of personal training, Fitness First UK

Originally published in Health Club Management 2022 issue 3

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