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Health Club Management
2022 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Technogym: delivering digital


Technogym: delivering digital

Four operators share their insights into how Technogym’s Mywellness has transformed their operations, as well as customer and team engagement

Mywellness 6.0 gives access to digital services that can be used anywhere and anytime photo: technogym

Embracing digital software solutions has become increasingly important when it comes to delivering the very best personalised training experiences seamlessly and efficiently.

Launched in 2012, Mywellness has led the way in the wellness sector as the digital solution offering complete lifestyle management for health club members.

At its centre is the Mywellness App, that health and wellness operators can customise to promote services and deliver content. Mywellness allows operators to set up services and content, making it the CRM platform for managing customers when it comes to surveys, tests, body analysis, equipment, training plans and class timetables, as well as configuring the customer journey that’s proposed to each different member profile: programmes, services, the interaction of the staff with the member, and automatic notifications in the app.

The launch of Mywellness 6.0
Mywellness has been further enhanced, with the launch of version 6.0, giving access to services that can be used anywhere and anytime, such as live classes, on-demand workouts and PT sessions offered in streaming.

Case study one
Andrew Brown, Durham Country Council

Durham County Council has launched Mywellness Live and On-Demand, as well as using Mywellness to cover wellbeing and leisure programmes.

“Gyms will always be part of life,” says Andrew Brown, the council’s principal physical activity manager of wellbeing. “But the way people engage with leisure services is changing. Having the Technogym Live and On-Demand service gives our community another way to stay active. It’s flexible and adaptable, which is exactly what people want.”

The project has helped the team at Durham learn about communicating with a digital-hungry audience.

“We’re very grateful to Technogym for providing such a user-friendly platform and for providing so much guidance and support to make the steps of this journey such a success,” says Brown.

Having the Technogym Live and On-Demand service gives our community another way to stay active
Case study two
Paula Vincent, Stevenage Leisure Limited (SLL)

An advocate of Mywellness for many years, Stevenage Leisure Limited has a big focus on digital programming and engagement to offer personalised and trackable programmes.

“Our key priority is to find ways to create a sense of community and engagement with members,” says Paula Vincent, corporate fitness manager at SLL.

“Technogym’s ‘Prescribe’ programme on Mywellness is a great asset for our trainers, as it enables them to digitally prescribe a programme to members, empowering us to make adaptations to a members programme with ease and allowing trainers to monitor progress,” she says.

“‘Challenge’ is a great tool to create digital challenges across individual sites or across all facilities. With good marketing to create awareness it’s so easy – all members have to do is join via the Mywellness App and they can participate, whether that be via moves, calories, distances or visits.”

She continues: “Overall, Mywellness has everything we need to support retention and engagement. It’s a digital solution that allows us to not only support our members in achieving their goals, but also to monitor and set goals for our teams to enable them to support members throughout all their interactions.”

Overall, Mywellness has everything we need to support retention and engagement
Case study three
Alice Hulley, Waterside Leisure

Alice Hulley, leisure director at Waterside Leisure says the club’s entire member journey is delivered through Mywellness and it really boosts their user experience. “Gym members can scan QR codes on all the Technogym equipment, connecting their personal profile and receiving tailored video demos and training advice,” says Hulley.

For Waterside, it’s important for members to stay connected to the club all the time and thanks to Mywellness, we can actually encourage the tracking and recording of members’ outdoors activities.

“The latest evolution of Mywellness adds the ability to deliver a hybrid model, making products and services accessible both in the club and remotely,” confirms Hulley.

“Mywellness is an extra touchpoint in our member journey and means we can offer people a one-stop solution for tracking their fitness data, activity, and health stats. It’s also invaluable for overseeing progress and making informed changes to programming,” she says. “Mywellness has made our member journey more streamlined, improved the communication between staff and members, significantly increasing overall engagement.”

The latest evolution of Mywellness gives us the ability to deliver a hybrid model
The Mywellness app offers operators great flexibility / photo: technogym
Case study three
Andy Logan, Village Gyms

“Village Gyms’ entire member journey is now hosted through Mywellness,” says Andy Logan, national leisure operations manager. “When members accounts are activated, they can book classes, swim sessions, inductions and reviews.”

With the new addition of Technogym Live and On-Demand, members can also access on-demand classes from home, while Village Gyms has also added its own on-demand content, external links to popular third-party classes and a Village Gym merchandise store. “The flexibility of the Mywellness app over our previous in-house option has been key to the success of our digital journey,” says Logan. “Technogym understands operators want to put their own stamp on digital, but need it to be simple and user-friendly. Our in-house app didn’t have anything like this level of creativity or functionality.

“We have Technogym in our gyms, so it’s an ecosystem members recognise,” he says. “Making this move for digital has created a complete ‘start-to-finish’ customer journey.”

Making the move to Technogym for our digital offer created a complete ‘start-to-finish’ customer journey
Member input can be tracked in and out of the club / photo: technogym
About Mywellness
Here are just a few examples of the many services that can be booked, used and/or purchased directly from the Mywellness App…

Booking and payments all-in-one

Sell your professional services and products easily to boost your reach and revenues. Attract new leads, increase secondary spend and make your offering accessible to more customers.

Personalised training experience

From assessment to exercise prescription, support customers with highly-personalised workouts and interactions, driven by a complete suite of professional digital products available on every touchpoint.

Retain and motivate customers

Engage users with challenges that create a sense of community, and motivate them with AI-driven notifications. Retain more customers by rewarding their results and celebrating achievements.

Superior group training experiences

Seamlessly manage your group exercise offering from any device. Save time and deliver unparalleled training experiences.

Analyse and improve your performance

Monitor KPIs, gain user insights and make informed decisions faster to improve business performance and customer experience, thanks to Mywellness analytics.

In touch with your audience 24/7

Make your business accessible 24/7, beyond your facility walls and normal operating hours. Stay in touch with your audience through the Mywellness App and widgets for your website that promote and sell your products and services.

Power your hybrid model

Sell class packages and subscriptions. Get direct feedback on your classes and trainers. Let your members experience the energy of your classes in your facility, at home and anywhere they are, on any of their devices.


Boost revenue by enabling prospects and customers to purchase your most engaging group training experiences, class packages and subscriptions.

Mywellness for Fitness Boutiques

Attract new leads selling your classes with Mywellness, allowing you to offer superior group training experiences in facility and online.

Strive for 5-star experiences

Continuously improve your class experience delivery by encouraging your customers to rate both the class and the instructor afterwards.

Your classes, live and on-demand, on any device

Mywellness helps you create group training experiences both on-site and online, through live and on-demand content delivery. Today’s users can enjoy classes directly from a web browser and smart TVs, as well as the Mywellness mobile app.

photo: technogym

Originally published in Health Club Management 2022 issue 3

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