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2021 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Lemi & Jean Guy de Gabriac – Creative fusion


Lemi & Jean Guy de Gabriac – Creative fusion

Lemi and Jean Guy de Gabriac have joined forces to create a LomiLomi-inspired signature protocol that allows guests to float into total relaxation

Jean Guy de Gabriac developed the LemiLemi protocol as a signature treatment for Lemi’s Aemotio Spa bed photo: LEMI
The Aemotio Spa bed can also be used for a range of treatments using the steam bath photo: LEMI
The Aemotio Spa bed can also be used for a range of treatments using the Vichy shower photo: LEMI

Multi-functionality has been a design focus for Italian wellness manufacturer Lemi throughout its 32 years of operation.

The company’s in-house research and development team has a long history of working with industry experts to deliver stylish, high-quality treatment beds that enable operators to create exceptional massage experiences for their customers, within a wide variety of spa and wellness environments.

These collaborations often include the creation of signature massages that suit Lemi’s unique bed designs.

Lemi’s partnership with industry innovator, educator and CEO of Tip Touch International, Jean Guy de Gabriac, resulted in the creation of signature massages, developed in 2019, specifically for two versions of Lemi’s Spa Dream massage table – an ‘Ocean Dream’ massage was created for the water table and a ‘Sand Tide’ massage for the Quartz table.

The LemiLemi Experience
Now the success of these signature treatments has paved the way for
the most recent collaboration – the Aemotio Spa protocol. This consists of four modules, one of which is called the LemiLemi massage.

This unique treatment, based on the Hawaiian LomiLomi massage, offers a total-body experience and is performed on Lemi’s multi-functional Aemotio Spa bed, which – as with all Lemi products – is designed and manufactured in Italy and has a 10-year guarantee.

The Aemotio Spa has been an industry favourite for many years. The solid curved bed has a height-adjustable heated water mattress, a full-length Vichy shower arm with six water jets, a control panel, bolero hand shower and steam bath function.

Chromotherapy effects enhance the customer’s wellbeing experience during their treatment, with a choice of seven colours.

Creative freedom
“I was given carte blanche to create three signature massage protocols to highlight the sensorial features of the award-winning Lemi massage tables,” says de Gabriac. “The aim was to help spa owners and managers elevate wellness sensations by combining high-tech with high-touch and to encourage them to find their own creative ways to use the beds.

“Inspired by the Hawaiian LomiLomi technique, the LemiLemi signature protocol is much more than just gliding forearm strokes,” says de Gabriac, “it promotes a total mind/body connection with mana – the energy of life – and the flow is like a dance, moving up and down, right and left, front and back.

“The Aemotio table allows simultaneous work on the front and back, with the client lying face up during the whole treatment and results in guests feeling relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally,” he explains.

Matteo Brusaferri, GM of Lemi believes the new treatment will inspire spa and wellness operators, saying: “The LemiLemi signature protocol on the Aemotio Spa illustrates the bed’s full treatment potential, offering an excellent example of how spa operators can create unique customer experiences to ensure guests benefit from all the wellbeing experiences built into its unique modular design.”

The bed’s many functions can also be used to deliver a wide range of innovative, whole-body treatments that meet customers’ specific needs, including hydrotherapy, peels, slimming, toning, facials and exfoliation.

When enjoyed as a steam bath, customers are immersed in delicate perfume-infused steam amid a programme of sensory light effects, which creates a soothing, sensual treatment experience.

More: www.lemispa.com

About the LemiLemi massage

The LemiLemi massage involves wide, fluid massage movements, which can either be gentle and enveloping to mimic sea waves, or very intense, using the therapist’s forearms or knuckles – depending on customer preference.

The bed’s heated water mattress creates a floating sensation to promote total body relaxation, while the therapist massages the upper and lower areas of the body, allowing the customer the opportunity to enjoy a back massage while remaining face up on the bed.

The therapist’s circular hand movements, the use of scented oils, the delicate touch sensation from the Vichy shower and the warmth and gentle rocking motion of the water mattress create a multi-sensory experience that promotes total relaxation and allows the customer to enjoy powerful massage therapy benefits.

photo: Tip Touch

"Inspired by the Hawaiian LomiLomi technique, the LemiLemi signature protocol promotes a total mind/body connection – the flow is like a dance " – Jean Guy de Gabriac, Tip Touch

photo: LEMI

"The LemiLemi signature protocol offers an excellent example of how spa operators can create unique customer experiences using Lemi beds " – Matteo Brusaferri, Lemi

Originally published in Spa Business 2021 issue 4

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