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2021 issue 10

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Leisure Management - Biocircuit: it fits you


Biocircuit: it fits you

Technogym’s Biocircuit offers a range of time-controlled and time-free circuits using the Biostrength line, with its Biodrive AI technology, delivering customised workouts

Technogym Biocircuit comes in two ranges – one time-controlled and one with no time constraints photo: Technogym
The Technogym Biodrive powers the Biocircuit photo: Technogym

The Technogym Biocircuit range offers personalised workouts to help members achieve their fitness goals in a short amount of time. Guided programmes deliver engaging experiences that require no adjustments to equipment or wait time.

The circuits include everything members need for the best muscle activation imaginable. Quick and effective, their workout is always there for them and ready whenever they are.

Designed to deliver programmes for every type of member, the new Biocircuit range – based on the Biostrength line – offers members precision training to get the best results from their specific workout programme, which include pre-set exercises, workload transitions, pace setting and rest times.

Biodrive – designed by NASA
The key to Biocircuit is Biodrive, a sophisticated intelligent drive that assures the best biomechanics and ‘feel’ ever integrated into fitness equipment.

Biodrive is based on revolutionary aerospace technology and is an exclusive patented technology that can only be found in Technogym’s Biostrength line.

The motor-controlled system delivers tailored workouts to help members achieve the best results and requires only one login to be totally customised to users’ needs.

OPTION 1: The Biocircuit – The time-controlled circuit
The customer journey: The setup starts at the Unity Self Kiosk, where members – assisted by a trainer – initially log in, are assigned a device and select their programme.

During the setup of cardio equipment, the trainer helps them select the appropriate effort level, making any necessary adjustments.

During the setup of the strength equipment, the seat adjustment and Range of Motion are selected and the member performs an isokinetic test to determine their ideal programme workout.

Ongoing training: Once the initial setup has been done, members simply start exercising without logging in. The setup delivers a succession of workouts, each with a total work time of 3 minutes 15 seconds and comprised of 45 second durations with 30 second transition times between stations. The user is free to override their initial settings and change speed, incline or power if they choose.

Always guided: At the end of each exercise, users are redirected to the next station in the circuit and at the end of two laps, the circuit ends. Members can then go and check their results on the Mywellness app.

OPTION 2: The Biocircuit Free – Personal training without a trainer
The customer journey: Biocircuit Free is a modular circuit with no time constraints that lets users choose whether to be guided completely or tailor their exercises in detail.

Guided by artificial intelligence, users only need to log in to each piece of equipment once, with Technogym Coach guiding them through setting up the workout. After this they simply continue with the same training experience.

Adaptive posture: By continuing with the experience, the machine will adjust itself based on the information provided during the first session.

Precision training: The console will show users their workout with the parameters set. With a simple click, they can start exercising.

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Key benefits of the Technogym Biodrive
Biodrive personalises workouts with huge benefits for members
Start moving

Increased muscle strength and improved posture enhance energy and mood

Lose Weight

Raised metabolic rate can lead to a slimmer shape by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength

Get toned

Improved muscle balance and harmony tone postural muscles and increase joint flexibility

Stay young

Safe strength training programmes are beneficial to the body’s energy and skeletal systems and mood, improving quality of life

Boost performance

Competitive spirit is ignited with high-intensity training, increasing athletic performance and improving muscle power. Frequent users will experience a gradual increase in workload, reps and exercises over time

Case study one
Biocircuit at Waterside Leisure
Alice Hulley

Independently run, Waterside is a very social leisure club that responds to member feedback quickly.

This is why they decided to add the Technogym Biocircuit – to offer exceptional fitness experiences for their diverse membership base.

“Biocircuit was the ideal solution for those members who need a little extra help with confidence and training technique, while the programming functionality provides benefits to our members who regularly strength train and look for an effective and time-efficient workout,” says leisure director Alice Hulley.

“Biocircuit has proven to be a brilliant way to meet the needs of people who need a structured and efficient gym workout and we’re suitably impressed with the feedback from members.

“We know continuing to enhance the fitness services and investment into the club keeps our members enthused and we’re always looking to offer something exceptional that’s also suitable for use by all.”

Waterside has signed up 120 new Biocircuit users in the two months since it launched the circuit and is looking to continue its partnership with Technogym, with plans for a second site in 2022.

Biocircuit has proven to be a brilliant way to meet the needs of people who need a structured and efficient gym workout
Waterside Leisure chose Biocircuit to cater for its diverse membership base / photo: Technogym
Case study two
Biocircuit Free at Retrofit London
Mahrya Abdulla and Shahnaan Moos

This state-of-the-art fitness club, where hardcore athletes train alongside everyday gym-goers, is run by owners Mahrya Abdulla and Shahnaan Moosa and offers unique class experiences and exceptional service.

“We’re so excited to offer our members Biocircuit,” says Abdulla. “It’s such an innovative approach to training, turning the same piece of equipment into something different for everyone. Our nine-station Biocircuit set-up is our main strength section and is used for small group training, as well as individual training.”

“We were fascinated by the Biocircuit when we saw it at Technogym headquarters – it’s fantastic the way the equipment automatically adjusts to the member’s profile and provides a guided programme tailored to the individual.

“Everything from pace, workloads and rest-time is designed for the member’s programme, depending on their training needs. Biocircuit is unique and enhances the training experience, providing personalised programmes and really taking the club to the next level.”

Biocircuit is unique and enhances the training experience, providing personalised programmes and taking the club to the next level
Retrofit London chose Biocircuit after seeing it at Technogym headquarters / photo: Technogym

Originally published in Health Club Management 2021 issue 10

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