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13 Jul 2024 World leisure: news, training & property
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Spa Business
2021 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Gharieni Group


Gharieni Group

The Gharieni Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of treatment tables and equipment for spa and wellness. We talk to CEO, Sammy Gharieni, about his relentless drive to deliver innovative products to underpin operators’ success

Libra Edge uses a unique choreography of water temperatures photo: ©Bergamos Retreat, USA
The Welnamis system is a binaural acoustic and dynamic stimulation device which calms the mind photo: ©Bergamos Retreat, USA
The MLX i3Dome treatment can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body photo: gharieni

We live in challenging times,” says Sammy Gharieni, CEO of Gharieni Group. “Not only are people more time-starved, but when they go for a wellness experience, they also want more personalised service.

“They want to experience moments that add value and exceed their expectations – success comes from always keeping the customer journey fresh for wellness seekers. This fosters customer engagement and loyalty, enhancing their lives and creating a sense of the spa as an oasis.”

Shifting trends
“Gharieni Group began by specialising in medical and spa equipment, so innovation has always been deeply embedded in our DNA,” says Gharieni.

“We foresaw the shift in our industry from spa to the more holistic spa and wellness offering and we’ve been meeting the needs of the industry in delivering on this trend, by adapting our offering to keep one step ahead.

“This approach has accelerated the growth of both our company and our client’s businesses and our capacity for responding rapidly to trends has seen us continue to lead the way in delivering high-end tech-driven experiences through our wellness concepts.

“However, in spite of this focus on technology, we still value the human response above all else,” says Gharieni. “Authenticity and quality of experience are cornerstones of everything we do. We create environments where the wisdom of self-care and healing meets the 21st century – with huge benefits for customers and the creation of unparalleled guest journeys.

“Spa investors should give more thought to individual or more personalised client treatments. One size no longer fits all.”

Selling concepts, not products
“It’s important to stay on top of trends and what consumers need,” says Gharieni, “addressing these needs means higher returns for the operator and the creation of a fulfilling immersive environment for spa and wellness customers that keeps them coming back, so everyone wins.

“Combining holistic treatments with innovative technology is a key differentiator when it comes to the success of any wellness offering.

“‘Touchless treatments can also provide new options that can be integrated into wellness programmes to deliver proven benefits, with the assurance of knowing clients will be delighted with the results.”

Research – an industry first
“We saw a unique opportunity during the early stages of the pandemic to start a programme of groundbreaking research to prove the efficacy of our products,” says Gharieni. “This research began with an investigation into two of our key lines – the Welnamis system and the Gharieni MLX Quartz bed and we intend to continue to research more of our products going forward.

“The Welnamis system is used to calm the mind during treatments, while the MLX Quartz Bed is filled with warm quartz sand that cocoons the body and replicates the benefits of a day spent at the beach.

“Our research found they both positively impact the Autonomic Nervous System, leading to greater levels of healing relaxation,” says Gharieni.

“This is the first study of its kind in the wellness market, so we’re pioneering in bringing these products to market, and undertaking research to prove their efficacy.

“We’re committed to the highest standards and to creating verified wellness experiences through our ongoing clinical studies,” he says.

See Gharieni’s product in action at its global network of flagship spas. Find out more at www.gharieni.com

About the research

Gharieni’s study into two of its touchless spa treatment concept beds looked at their effects on the Autonomic Nervous System, which is responsible for regulating important bodily functions and stimulating fight-or-flight reactions.

Good health and prevention rely on a sense of balance throughout the ANS.

The trial investigated whether Gharieni’s Welnamis (www.gharieni.com/welnamis) and MLX Quartz (www.gharieni.com/psammo-concept-quartz) beds initiate an anti-inflammatory effect in users and help rebalance their ANS.

Researcher and early human development specialist Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD, led the study, in collaboration with Alina Hernandez, vice-chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Mental Wellness Initiative.

Hernandez told Spa Business Gharieni launched the trial to provide scientific evidence to prove its products’ efficacy. She added that these kinds of studies will be crucial for spa and wellness going forward.

She believes this kind of evidence will help spa and wellness businesses stand out from the crowd and benefit the industry by reassuring customers that healing modalities are scientifically-backed, safe and worth their money.

“We immediately saw improvement in the ANS right after treatments. In fact, we saw peak improvement after three to four treatments, with maintenance and sustained improvement over the eight weeks of the study.

“Chronic stress is one of the greatest challenges to health and wellbeing, because it can trigger chronic inflammation which is ultimately the root of nearly all chronic diseases,” she said.

“This study is especially meaningful during a time when value and authenticity are highly important to the end-consumer,” said Hernandez. To find out more about the research, go to www.spabusiness.com/Gharieniresearch

Positive effects on the nervous system were seen after just one Quartz bed treatment / photo: gharieni
photo: gharieni

We create environments where the wisdom of self-care and healing meets the 21st century – with huge benefits for customers and the creation of unparalleled guest journeys" – Sammy Gharieni, CEO

Originally published in Spa Business 2021 issue 3

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