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13 Jul 2024 World leisure: news, training & property
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Spa Business
2021 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Art of Cryo: Leading by example


Art of Cryo: Leading by example

Art of Cryo offers evidence-based whole body cryotherapy solutions, providing effective solutions for guests and an attractive investment for investors

Art of Cryo offers versatile, unique and effective treatments to customers
The company is passionate about research and aims to constantly innovate
Art of Cryo supplies cryo chambers in three different product lines

When investigating the growing trend of whole body cryotherapy, Art of Cryo is the ideal place to begin your journey. Even though the brand has only been selling cryo chambers under its own name since 2020, the company brings 30 years of experience in manufacturing the highest-quality cryo chambers for the market. The results are high-performance chambers that deliver what they promise – real minus temperatures of -75°C, -85°C or -110°C.

The premium German manufacturer invests huge efforts into the research and development of cryotherapy, so that the very latest insights and innovations can be directly incorporated into its state-of-the-art products.

Art of Cryo’s high-performance cryo-chambers are 100 per cent electrically-driven and made to the highest quality standards, making them both extremely efficient and eco-friendly.

Fields of application
Cryotherapy is typically known for use in the sport and health sectors to help with recovery, support pain relief and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, it can also help to ease numerous chronic health conditions and psychosomatic disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Recently, modern whole-body cryotherapy is being used more and more in the fields of beauty, wellness and lifestyle. The simple yet effective treatment lasts just three to four minutes in the cryo chamber and provides increased blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow. Results include rejuvenated skin and an anti-ageing effect, both of which can become visible after just a few sessions. This makes whole-body cryotherapy in an Art of Cryo Vaultz an ideal treatment for modern biohackers who want to protect and optimise their health.

Art of Cryo models
Art of Cryo supplies its cryo chambers for whole body cryotherapy in three different product lines: single Vaultz, vario Vaultz and unical Vaultz.

The single Vaultz encompasses the V1 and V1 lux models which are superior, space-saving solutions for professional or private use. These innovative chambers work on a real room temperature of -75°C (V1) or -85°C (V1 lux).

The vario Vaultz line includes the V2 and V3 models, made for professional use, even in highly frequented cryotherapy facilities. With one (V2) or two (V3) anterooms, the vario Vaultz line offers real -110°C and a spacious treatment room to treat several customers at the same time.

These specific models can be upgraded with special features including a 22’’ display, CCTV, intercom and a sound module that allows guests to listen to their favourite songs during treatments to make it a true Cryotainment experience.

The unical Vaultz are custom-made solutions for every customer who has special ideas or needs.

A reliable partner
As a manufacturer, Art of Cryo places particular emphasis on research and further development of its product range. New insights from the company’s own research department flow directly into every product that leaves the factory – not only the high-performance cryo-chambers themselves, but also the company’s operating software and its certified courses for cryo operators.

In this way, the company offers manufacturing, research, service and training in one go – reliable, fast and of the very highest quality.

www.artofcryo.com | [email protected]

Paula Kasper, Cryodukt AG

"Art of Cryo is innovative in its business ventures, providing first-class high-performance cryo chambers, backed up with excellent consultancy and project management support to help with stepping into the whole body cryo space.

"While I was starting to establish my Cryodukt in Zurich, Art of Cryo always sought out the best and most effective solutions to support me and my business.

"Their team understands the cryo market like no other and is, therefore, able to help create an efficient process for starting the whole body cryo business. The Art of Cryo Vaultz are unique, achieving real temperatures down to -110 degrees. Our customers love the real temperatures and immediately feel a significant difference to other cryo experiences after they’ve tried the vario Vaultz V3 with -110 °C for the first time in our centre."

Originally published in Spa Business 2021 issue 3

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