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Attractions Management
2021 issue 3

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Leisure Management - ProSlide: Innovating for the future


ProSlide: Innovating for the future

With delays and pandemic restrictions lifting, ProSlide has been bringing exciting projects to fruition all over the world

MammothBLAST at Aquashow PROSLIDE
MammothBLAST at Aquashow ProSlide
Aquadiver KIDZ Zone ProSlide
Rulantica at Europa Park ProSlide

C elebrating its 35th anniversary this year, ProSlide is continuing to define the global waterpark landscape. With five times more IAAPA Best New Water Ride Awards than all other water ride companies combined, it’s established itself as the industry leader in water ride design, technology and manufacturing.

With unrelenting focus on innovation, ProSlide consistently pushes boundaries to deliver unforgettable experiences which differentiate waterparks and exceed the expectations of guests, time after time.

This year has been no different, with a number of groundbreaking projects being completed, thanks to the company’s relentless drive, investment in technology and commitment to its clients.

Helping parks exceed expectations
In Dubai, Atlantis Aquaventure’s breathtaking expansion has established the destination as one of the world’s top waterparks. This exclusively ProSlide-powered expansion brings together an unprecedented vision for entertainment and the latest water ride technology.

With 17 high-performance water rides spread across three distinct areas – along with multiple region and world firsts, such as the debut of the MammothBLAST Water Coaster – Atlantis has created an incredible experience, setting a new standard for waterparks around the world.

In June, ProSlide debuted a second MammothBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 45 Water Coaster at Portugal’s Aquashow family waterpark. This revolutionary design combines ProSlide’s advanced BLAST technology with the world of rafting. The ride’s cutting edge combination of vision and design makes the MammothBLAST Water Coaster the only true family water coaster.

Together, ProSlide and Europa-Park’s Rulantica waterpark are pushing the limits of immersive, family aquatic play with a custom ProSlide RideHOUSE called Svalgurok. Inspired by the park’s mythological Scandinavian theming, the all-in-one entertainment structure features a massive, interactive, robotic sea serpent which sprays gallons of water from its mouth. Ten expertly engineered ProSlide water rides complement Svalgurok’s industry-leading theming.

Cafalandia in Bogota, Colombia has become the first park in Latin America to install a Dueling PIPElineBLAST. The ride path was custom designed to include high-speed straightaways and G-force turns which accelerate riders into six of ProSlide’s award-winning FlyingSAUCER features. As it’s situated in an area with lush vegetation, ProSlide’s design team adapted the ride path to preserve the environment.

New parks pushing boundaries
In the Caribbean, ProSlide partnered with Baha Mar to bring its guests a world-class amenity. Baha Bay, the resort’s new luxury beachfront waterpark, drew its inspiration from the natural beauty of the Bahamas and raises the bar on the guest experiences. With 13 ProSlide water rides – along with the IAAPA IMPACT award-winning Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 20 Water Coaster – Baha Bay is a stunning showcase of the most advanced water ride technology in the Caribbean.

Water parks in Asia have seen a lot of activity this year and China’s OCT Xi’an has the strategic vision to become the country’s leading international leisure destination. Boasting one of the largest water ride offerings in China, OCT has installed 15 high-performance ProSlide water rides, including Asia’s first Dueling RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 20/30 Water Coaster. The park is also home to the WWA Leading Edge Award winning RallyRACER: the innovative mat racer which heightens the competitive experience with its amplified sensation of racing.

Saudi Arabia’s push to invest in attractions to boost tourism, has led to the launch of two waterparks in the space of a year. CYAN brings the world’s best water rides to the area near Jeddah, putting it in the same category as famous waterparks such as those at Disney, Universal, Six Flags and SeaWorld. It features best-in-class rides, including ProSlide’s TornadoWAVE 60, Dueling RocketBLAST and FlyingSAUCER.

ProSlide also collaborated with Jenan Group to create the first all-female waterpark to open in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Loopagoon.

As an entertainment expansion of Jenan Group’s Dana Beach Resort, Loopagoon is an outdoor waterpark featuring five cutting-edge ProSlide Water Rides. This includes the world’s only custom-designed TORNADO 45, with translucent fiberglass and a capped funnel, to meet the cultural requirements of the all-female park.

As the world moves out of lockdown, ProSlide has many exciting projects in the pipeline and is looking forward to collaborating with waterparks all over the world to create more exhilarating experiences.

More information: ProSlide.com

Originally published in Attractions Management 2021 issue 3

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