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Health Club Management
2021 issue 8

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Leisure Management - Egym on tour


Egym on tour

Billed as the ‘2021 Experience Tour’, Egym has taken its connected gym floor experience on the road around the UK

Buyers are invited to view and try out the Egym kit for themselves photo: Egym
The Egym Experience Tour has been travelling the country photo: Egym
Fitness Hub is a gym floor centrepiece with a wide range of functions photo: Egym

The Egym Concept Team is travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles in a fully equipped, custom-branded Volkswagen Crafter van, showcasing Egym’s digital ecosystem.

“Even though the country is starting to fire up again after the lifting of restrictions, there’s still a reluctance to travel,” says Tanya Hall, UK marketing manager of Egym UK. “So, rather than expecting operators to travel to our show sites to see how our new product innovations augment the connected gym floor experience, we’re delivering a fully-functioning Egym experience right to their door.”

The mobile experience showcases Egym’s connected gym floor, incorporating an Egym Smart Strength Series Seated Row and a connected partner’s upright bike, enabling the team to demonstrate how digitalisation connects all components of the member journey, delivering an unrivalled person-centered experience.

This is managed through Egym digital, which incorporates both a member-branded app and a trainer app.

Game-changing products
Craig Worley, national key account manager for Egym UK, adds: “Despite the pandemic, in the last 12 months, Egym has brought several game-changing products to market and it’s important we find accessible ways to showcase these to operators.

“Digitalisation is transforming the way we deliver services, making it possible to provide totally bespoke, goal-orientated experiences that engage and motivate everyone.

As a sector, extending our reach and value beyond the 20 percenters and engaging those with more health-focused objectives is how we’ll grow and build resilience.

Egym has developed a complete digital ecosystem that enables people to self-manage their long-term wellness journey, supported by technology and expertise provided by professionals, working in gyms and leisure centres.”

During the pandemic, Egym continued to invest in research and development in order to be able to respond to rapidly changing market needs. Immunity Boost, a scientifically based programme designed to help the body tackle infection was launched and the Branded Member App was upgraded to enable operators to send hygiene reminder messages direct to members and to implement digital booking systems that manage capacity restrictions.

Fully connected training experience
To complete the gym floor connected experience, Egym also launched Fitness Hub, a gym floor centerpiece that enables touchless new member onboarding, self-service performance assessments and progress tracking.

Worley says: “Despite the pandemic, it has been an incredible year for Egym. We offer the world’s first, fully-connected training experience and we need to showcase its value to as many operators as possible. The Experience Tour is a great way of re-engaging, in-person, with the operators, after months of social isolation and provides the perfect setting to showcase our complete digital ecosystem.

Look out for the Egym Experience Van as we tour the country. If you spot us on your travels, give us a wave, take a picture and share on social media, using the hashtag #Egymexperiencetour.”

photo: Edinburgh Leisure

"When the Egym Experience Tour rolled up to the Royal Commonwealth Pool, I invited key stakeholders to a comprehensive product demonstration. Getting this kind of engagement if we had to travel, would be out of the question. Experiencing the connected gym floor was logistically much simpler than moving equipment into the building, making it a great way to sample the product without all the hassle of travel" –  David McGlade, Edinburgh Leisure

If you would like to arrange for The Experience Tour to stop by your venue, simply click on the QR code and pick a date!

For live updates of locations and dates, check our social media channels


• www.twitter.com/Egym_UK

• www.facebook.com/EgymUK

• www.instagram.com/EgymUK

photo: Egym

Originally published in Health Club Management 2021 issue 8

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