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2021 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Michala Chatel

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Michala Chatel

In 2021 alone, 60 per cent of guests have already incorporated wellness treatments into their stays

Chatel says Ultima has recently added on-demand wellness as well as a month-long package photo: ©Ultima Collection
Rental properties offering spa services is a growing trend photo: ©Ultima Collection
The average length of stay at an Ultima property is 33 days photo: ©Igor Laski
photo: ©Igor Laski
The main market is ultra high-net-worth individuals photo: ©Ultima Collection

As the world steers itself through a COVID-19 landscape, people are placing a much higher value on guaranteed social distance, safety and minimised risk of infection during their hospitality and wellness experiences. As a result, private wellness offerings have become increasingly popular, particularly with ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI).

Ultima Collection’s portfolio of European residences, chalets, villas and a hotel means it’s well placed to answer this demand, according to managing partner Michala Chatel. Each destination offers five-star amenities and service, including a spa, in the intimacy of a private residence and have recently added on-demand wellness experiences.

“Our approach to wellness and wellbeing is completely tailored to each guest and every Ultima spa is powered by a concierge team including on-call clinicians, aestheticians and therapists who create unique and bespoke treatments,” explains Chatel, “no request is too big or small for them.”

Spa Business spoke to Chatel to understand the logistics of offering wellness on-demand in this way.

What wellness services is Ultima providing?
Every Ultima spa offers a range of treatments and services, from cellular hydration and lifting treatments to aromatherapy massages and body wraps, all provided by Swiss Perfection.

We’ve also partnered with Switzerland-based Aesthetics Clinics to empower guests to identify their strengths and weaknesses through its DNA testing services. This helps us plan a roadmap of individually tailored treatments and services for optimal wellbeing.

What epitomises Ultima’s wellness offering?
We know 80 per cent of UHNWIs are dedicating more of their time and money to wellbeing, so we recently created a holistic wellness retreat to cater to this demand: the Ultima Escape.

Available at all our properties, this self-care trip focuses on immunity, lifestyle and the environment and future healing and is designed to leave guests feeling rejuvenated over the course of a full month.

Guests can tend to their mind, gut and soul for a detoxifying stay, starting with a health check-up with a nutritionist and assessments with a personal trainer and masseuse.

Then, treatment plans are curated following Aesthetic Clinics’ DNA analysis to help make positive, long-term changes and mitigate the risks of developing illnesses in the future.

Guests receive tailor-made immunity booster supplements informed by hair analysis, health check-ups by a licensed physician and four massages a week. They’re also provided with butler service five-days-a-week, three personal training sessions a week, full access to on-site spa facilities and daily healthy breakfasts.

How much does it cost?
The Ultima Escape begins from CHF263,000 (US$291,558, €239,715, £206,381) for one month for up to 10 people, including accommodation and a chef.

Additional services available on request include service staff for lunch and dinner, private driver and car, extra facility sanitisation and private helicopter/jet flights, as well as yacht charters.

What inspired you to launch the Ultima Escape?
We knew we had to create something that answered the call of all those who are looking to maximise their exposure to wellbeing treatments and therapies.

The average length of stay at our properties is 33 days and we’re continuing to witness a steep increase in the number of our long-stay guests.

With these factors in mind, we wanted to create a well-rounded experience that perfectly caters to these demands. Thus, the Ultima Escape was born to offer a combination of revitalisation and rejuvenation for guests who like to prioritise their health and wellness.

Can guests add more wellness treatments to the package? Yes, they can personalise the package however they like. Massage treatments start at CHF197 (US$221, €180, £156) for 50 minutes and Swiss Perfection’s range of cellular facials are priced from CHF296 (US$331, €270, £234) for 60 minutes.

How popular has wellness been with Ultima’s guests following the pandemic?
In 2021 alone, we’ve already had over 60 per cent of guests incorporate wellness treatments into their stays. DNA analysis in particular has been one of the most popular treatments as it can help inform every detail of their experience – even down to personalised menus.

In light of this uptake, we’ll continue to focus on wellness as we expand. Our new destination in Courchevel, France will feature two world-class spas and wellness amenities.

Originally published in Spa Business 2021 issue 2

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