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2021 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Art of Cryo: Cool night's sleep


Art of Cryo: Cool night's sleep

High-performance cryo chamber specialist Art of Cryo joins forces with leading bed manufacturer Samina to launch cryo centres for sleep health

The Samina Cool centre has installed Art of Cryo’s single Vaultz V1 lux photo: ©Samina Cool
photo: ©Samina Cool
Philipp Amann (left) and Gunther Amann-Jennson (right) photos: ©Samina Cool

Whole-body cryotherapy is on the rise in dedicated cryotherapy centres and beauty, fitness, health and wellness outlets. As the market matures, customers are starting to realise the difference between showcased and real temperatures and are turning to high-performance solutions by Art of Cryo.

Samina, known for its outstanding orthopedic and bioenergetic-promoting beds made from natural materials, is one such customer and has recently collaborated with Art of Cryo to launch a specialist cryo centre for sleep called Samina Cool.

Eighty per cent of people have unrestful sleep and professor Gunther Amann-Jennson, a leading sleep psychologist, founded Samina 30 years ago to optimise people’s sleep quality. He’s now convinced that “whole-body cryotherapy is a megatrend that correlates strongly with better sleep” and has launched Samina Cool at the company’s HQ in Vorarlberg, Austria.

The centre comprises Art of Cryo’s single Vaultz V1 lux chamber and members of the public can sign up for just a single session or a range of packages. Along the way, they get access to Samina’s in-store sleep health experts, a sleep-enducing drink and can relax on Samina beds afterwards.

“It’s been a great success and Samina Cool is fully booked,” says Philipp Amann, Gunther’s son and the company CEO. He adds that the centre expects to fit in even more sessions as they get up to speed as Art of Cryo’s high-performance chamber is designed to deliver ‘cold medicine’ in a very simple and time-saving manner.

The company is already looking to introduce the Samina Cool concept to its retail stores in Frankfurt and Berlin. If successful, a wider rollout might be on the cards – Samina owns 20 stores globally and has 250 distribution partners.

“Our mission is to transform bad sleepers into good sleepers and good sleepers into super sleepers,” says Philipp. “To sleep in a Samina bed after a whole-body Art of Cryo session makes absolute sense and improves the effects.”

He also sees cold medicine spreading in the areas of wellness, integrative medicine, rehabilitation, pain management and psychotherapy.

The natural remedy has more than 50 areas of application. It can be used to treat anything from sleep disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, pain syndromes and inflammation to anxiety, depression, psychosomatic disorders and numerous chronic health disorders.

Originally published in Spa Business 2021 issue 2

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