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Health Club Management
2021 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Gympass: the 360 wellbeing platform


Gympass: the 360 wellbeing platform

Gympass has been busy innovating and forging powerful partnerships. We find out more

The pandemic has accelerated interest in mental wellbeing – Gympass has responded with new partnerships SHUTTERSTOCK/ Mariia Korneeva
The Gympass fitness solutions sit at the heart of the offer

In April 2020, corporate wellbeing platform, Gympass, launched a number of wellbeing resources including partnerships with mental health, nutrition, and financial wellness apps.

These wellbeing resources significantly enhanced the already stellar Gympass offering by giving access to a market-leading collection of wellbeing apps alongside its diverse choice of ‘bricks and mortar’ fitness facilities.

Carefully curated, Gympass brings together some of the largest fitness and wellbeing app brands, all housed in one place for the very first time.

Designed to nurture all-round healthy habits, Gympass now includes mental health apps, tailored nutrition plans, meditation and relaxation programmes alongside a diverse range of on-demand workouts.

A solution for everyone
The platform offers unrivalled access to over 30 different wellbeing apps equating to 13,000 on-demand classes, 2,000 hours of meditation, access to 1,000 healthy recipes and weekly 1:1 therapy sessions, so users can always find a wellbeing service to suit their needs, on any given day.

The product supports the trend that consumers are leaning toward omnichannel fitness experiences, where they can access variety in their wellbeing programmes, dipping in and out of different services and experiencing the very best on offer from multiple brands.

Rodrigo Silveira, SVP new ventures at Gympass said: “Bringing this diverse array of apps together on the Gympass platform is critical as we seek to make wellbeing universal. Our partners are what makes the platform truly special and we’re delighted to be working with such a great range. By combining relaxation, mindfulness, financial wellbeing and nutrition programmes with fitness options, we’re delivering a true 360-degree wellbeing solution.

Fitness for all levels
Gympass’ partner apps are laid out by category with several leading fitness apps making up the ‘Body’ section. Neou, JetSweat and Sworkit offer a host of on-demand sessions, while those wanting to explore martial arts-inspired workouts can assess Tapout Fitness.

For users looking for extra support and programming FizzUp and WKT offer fantastic workout plans with over 1,000 exercise combinations curated by personal trainers.

It’s not all about intense workouts on Gympass Wellness. For yoga fans there’s Yogaia - the only yoga app in the world that offers live and interactive classes for all levels of yogis – a feature that’s particularly relevant amid COVID-19 lockdown.

For users taking their very first steps on their fitness journey there’s EXi which uses a special algorithm to analyse each user’s health and current fitness level. It prescribes a personalised physical activity plan to help everyone get active regardless of their age or fitness level and takes into consideration up to 23 different chronic diseases (including Long Covid) to create a tailored exercise programme.

More than fitness
Aside from fitness, Gympass offers a range of wellness apps with categories including; ‘mind’, ‘health and nutrition’, ‘healthy habits’ and ‘financial health’, enabling users to take a holistic 360-degree approach to their health and wellbeing.

In the mind section, apps include Calm and Synctuition, allowing users to not only concentrate on their physical health but to also look after their mental wellbeing.

Gympass users can let Calm guide them to sleep better, stress less and build resilience for a happier, healthier life. They can also enjoy Sleep Stories (bedtime stories for adults) narrated by many well-known voices including Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey and Kelly Rowland.

Meanwhile, the Synctuition app, dubbed ‘the world’s first MindSpa’ offers deep relaxation, stress-relief, better sleep, and many other benefits to support balanced mental health and wellbeing. The programme offers carefully constructed sound meditations — audio journeys that contain three-dimensional nature sounds, ASMR sounds, binaural beats and personalised voice frequencies.

2020 was a challenge not only to physical, but also mental health. Both Gympass and Synctuition believe that, by joining forces, a positive difference can be made. Michael Burich, the co-founder of Synctuition, sees this as an unprecedented opportunity to extend a helping hand in the midst of adversity.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer millions more people around the world access to our platform. As we tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic together we believe it is our responsibility to help alleviate the stress people are under. Just one Synctuition mindfulness journey a day can help users to decrease the negative effects of stress and improve self-esteem.”

One-to-one Guidance
Gympass users requiring a more personal level of support can access one-to-one counselling and therapy appointments through partners such as iFeel and Healing Clouds.

Through the health and nutrition section, people can access apps such as Nootric and Meal Prep Pro to support them. They can also find apps such as Kwit and Mindcotine to help them quit smoking in the healthy habits section. Both apps are routed in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, designed to help people quit smoking for good. Mindcotine also has a premium version with VR display to help users immerse themselves in real life situations to gain control over cravings.

Finally, importantly, Gympass offers people support to overcome any financial burdens and worries by partnering with two leading financial health support apps Mobills and Bippit.

More: Gympass.com

"By combining relaxation, mindfulness, financial wellbeing and nutrition programmes with fitness options, we’re delivering a true 360-degree wellbeing solution" –  Rodrigo Silveira, SVP new ventures, Gympass

Originally published in Health Club Management 2021 issue 2

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