24 Sep 2021 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2021 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Myzone: run classes that grow communities anywhere

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Myzone: run classes that grow communities anywhere

Get your group fitness offering back on track faster in the face of ongoing restrictions, courtesy of Myzone’s tier-transcending digital experience

MZ-Remote sessions: fitness professionals and Myzone tiles create motivating moments

Gym openings are on the road map! However, as we face ongoing restrictions for group fitness and an increasing need for social connection, Myzone’s MZ-Remote platform means gyms and studios can continue to provide more for the community.

This digital installation, embraced by hundreds of operators during lockdown, not only gave facilities and members complementary access to timetabled classes, but also continues to ensure trainers and instructors receive the coaching to implement their own live classes if they haven’t already.

In addition to the member benefit, MZ-Remote offers the actionable opportunity to engage with more people, grow your business and retain revenue over the course of this challenging period – benefits that many have already embraced during previous enforced closures.

“Myzone saved our business during lockdown,” says Joe O’Connor of Nisus Fitness in County Kerry, Ireland. “While our competitors are fighting among themselves for Instagram live video space, we have a white label offering for our clients.”

Instant results
“Within 12 hours of hearing about MZ-Remote, we had 50 clients online doing a session,” says O’Connor. “Now it runs across our 15-session online live schedule each week, with an average of 30 clients per session. MZ-Remote has allowed us to truly become a hybrid training club.”

MZ-Remote means more people get the chance to keep moving and work out together as an added benefit to a gym’s offering; not an alternative. Every cardio, strength, HIIT and yoga class offers real-time feedback with the option for participants to listen to their own music and create that studio buzz.

“The likes of Facebook and Instagram Live workouts are all welcome in the fight against inactivity, but they’ve done digital fitness initiatives a disservice,” says Ben Hackney-Williams, head of content at Myzone.

“For an engaging class experience, inclusivity is key. MZ-Remote combines Zoom optional two-way video for immediate feedback and shout-outs, the motivation of seeing everyone working towards the same goal with their Myzone tile on screen, and the importance of being instructed by a fitness professional.

“MZ-Remote is engaging, entertaining, educational and an essential part of physical activity.”

• For more information visit myzone.org/mz-remote

"MZ-Remote combines Zoom optional two-way video for immediate feedback and shout-outs" –  Ben Hackney-Williams, Myzone

"Myzone saved our business during lockdown" – Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

Originally published in Health Club Management 2021 issue 2

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