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Health Club Management
2020 issue 11

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Leisure Management - A year to remember

Editor's letter

A year to remember

We’ve stepped off the path this month to bring you a special 2020 review edition of HCM and to propose emerging priorities going forward, as we gird our loins to tackle 2021

Liz Terry, Leisure Media
The physical activity sector is emerging as a key industry Photo: David lloyd leisure

As we draw to the end of this year of ‘unexpected challenges’, we wanted to take a moment to look back, with a special edition of HCM that records key moments in this journey we’re all on together.

Inside, instead of our usual formats, you’ll find a curated 2020 Timeline of news from across the year, along with a chapter called 2020 Vision, developed as a tribute and huge thank you to our clients, who are standing by us at every twist and turn in the road.

This special edition celebrates the sheer guts, determination, resolve, comradeship, resilience and energy this sector is showing in taking blow after blow and coming back fighting every time.

I’m sure next year will be just as tough, if not tougher, but as the scientists bring us vaccines, the end must surely be in sight and we can take great heart from that.

2020 has been a year when the fitness industry has found new clarity of purpose, forged a powerful identity, matured and emerged as an extraordinary force.

There are no words to thank ukactive for its extraordinary leadership and also CIMSPA, CLUK, Sport England and the many governing bodies who’ve stepped up.

Few other sectors have responded to the challenge of COVID-19 with the same degree of passion and unity. The work we’ve done in 2020 has elevated our industry in the eyes of governments, investors, potential partners and – most importantly – our customers and I truly believe the physical activity sector will emerge from this crisis as one of the key industries of the future.

We’ve been right on the front line this year and it’s been incredibly tough for everyone, yet our sector has been dynamic, determined and creative in finding solutions, adapting, innovating and surviving. Well done to one and all.

In terms of future priorities, we must ensure this unity we’ve forged is enshrined in some kind of custom or practice, so it can be sustained and not fade away when more normal times return; engage with our customers and recognise them as true stakeholders and advocates, with the creation – and universal adoption – of robust consumer standards; create a structure and interface for medicalising the sector, so we can become a true partner to the caring professions; widely fund a powerful lobby, so we can continue to influence government and finally; work to establish more sustainable career paths for great people – with special energy focused on creating better working lives for our freelancers, who’ve been having an exceptionally tough time during the pandemic.

Signing off now for 2020 and wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful, joyful Christmas from everyone here at HCM and looking forward to roaring back in 2021.

Liz Terry, HCM editor

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 11

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