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Health Club Management
2020 issue 11

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Leisure Management - Technogym: It's streaming your way


Technogym: It's streaming your way

Technogym introduced live and on-demand functionality to Mywellness in July. Here we find out more about operators who have adopted this solution

Mywellness Live and On-Demand was launched post the first national lockdown

Mywellness Live and On-Demand was launched post the first national lockdown to offer all health and fitness operators the flexibility to add value to existing customers and connect with their community, anywhere, anytime.

The aim is to provide unparalleled training experiences and create a sustainable pathway for customers to engage, creating a key benefit.

Live classes
Engage your community by connecting your customers and instructors through live classes and create a social environment before and after classes, to build loyalty and community. Deliver consistent class experiences in the facility and on the go.

On-demand classes
Provide your community with variety and flexibility: they can perform their favourite classes, with the instructors they already know, anywhere.

It’s seamless: just drag and drop the videos created by your instructors and make them available in the Mywellness app.

Technogym Training Library
Increase the training options available to your customers: in addition to your own classes, you have a library of ready-to-use, high-quality virtual classes at your fingertips.

Created by Technogym and their partners, there’s content for the entire family, from pilates to yoga, cardio to dance-based workouts and so much more.

Monetise your class experiences
Introduce new membership options, add value to existing ones and reach new prospects and communities directly from the Mywellness app.
Use the app to sell the experiences that can be enjoyed at your facility and on the go with live and on-demand streaming.


Top tips for adopting live and on-demand

Think about your target markets and audience profile to ensure all content and communication matches


Provide lots of choice and offering to keep the interest high and attraction ongoing


Having the right instructors for the content and audience


Be flexible with your timetable week to week, especially in the ever-changing current climate

Embracing streaming
Operators in a wide range of fields have chosen to lead from the front with Technogym’s new live and on-demand streaming options
Hyndburn Leisure
Adopting a hybrid model

Hyndburn Leisure has introduced a hybrid model with live and on-demand for members and a two-tier payment structured to entice them and engage them with the new virtual classes.

“This new hybrid model means we can now offer something to everyone,” explains Linda Horsfield, head of health and wellbeing.

“With over 100 on-demand, ready-made Technogym workouts, plus 10 live classes per week on offer, members have plenty of choice.

“Mywellness enables us to group members, so we’ve been able to offer personalised live and on-demand fitness content and health advice.

“We decided to offer a two-tiered approach to the digital membership: level one, (silver), is free and includes a sample of what Mywellness offers. The second tier – diamond –is £5.99 a month, with unlimited access to live and on-demand classes and includes a wider variety and more advanced challenges.”

“This tiered approach drives engagement, by giving members the option to access more features and a variety of digital content to support their fitness goals, when they upgrade,” said Horsfield.

True Students
Enhancing students' wellness

The innovative and multi awarding-winning student accommodation enhances the offering and creates a USP with live and on-demand.

“Since launching live and on-demand in September 2020, the virtual classes and on-demand features have truly been fantastic,” says Holly Rodgers, general manager of True Students. “They allow our students to still take time out of the day to participate in fitness classes. The fact that BOX and HIIT are usually group classes – we were able to connect our students so they can still work-out together virtually.

Streaming classes has allowed us to create that aspect of togetherness.

“Having Mywellness Live and On-Demand helps us deliver against our wellness mission and provides a unique selling point,” she said.

“The guests were certainly not expecting such an amazing live and on-demand service. The fact we offered a 100+on-demand class, with the flexibility of live classes at different times has been an asset in relation to the guest experience – having it at the tip of their fingers and all in one place is such a win.

“We will continue to keep live and on-demand evolving and fresh, as it has been a huge success and we can only move forward with the great uplift we’ve had.”

Mywellness Live and On-Demand helps us deliver against our wellness mission and provides a unique selling point
True Students has chosen Technogym for its new gyms
CV Life
Engaging members and attracting new audiences

CV Life has launched live and on-demand across its four locations in response to changing market conditions and to engage a wider audience.

“Launching live and on-demand felt like the natural step for short term adaptation, to continue the engagement plans with our members, as well long-term to enhance our offering,” comments Chris Panter, senior manager health and fitness, at CV Life.

“Mywellness has always played a central role in our contact with members, given the current global climate - this has been more important than ever. Earlier this year, due to the lockdown, we immediately adopted this to offer personalised contact and programmes remotely, reaching over 3,000 of our membership base.”

“Technogym Live and On-Demand is incredible – it’s full of excellent ready-made content, flexible to add our own classes and very quick to deploy.

“Speed and flexibility are important as we embark on meeting the needs and engaging with our members.”

“Feedback from users has been very positive with a strong uptake of the classes and offering. It is a great way to continue the interaction with our instructors and our facilities.”

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 11

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