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Health Club Management
2020 issue 11

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Leisure Management - Virtuagym: Built strong from the start

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Virtuagym: Built strong from the start

How Virtuagym and Thebodycontent created an ecosystem of fitness within a small community

Virtuagym’s systems power Thebodycontent studio in Dublin

When COVID-19 struck, and gyms were forced to take their business online, Thebodycontent had little to fear. This humble Dublin-based gym, run by personal-trainers-turned-business-owners Eoin O’Malley and Beth Johnston had already adapted to digital transformation with help from Virtuagym’s gym management software. This meant they could automate operations, provide virtual offerings, and embrace a flexible business model.

Hitting pause – but not stopping
The sudden lockdowns meant that fitness facilities had to reconcile appeasing their clients and managing revenue. For O’Malley and Johnston, this was far from stressful, thanks to Virtuagym’s ‘Pause’ feature – at the click of a button – they put a blanket pause on all memberships.
Having this system in place allowed them to quickly bring their offering online and communicate that shift to their members.

As a result, they saw 50 per cent of their clients sign up for virtual classes on Zoom at full membership rates. Finances aside, the speed at which Thebodycontent was able to amend contracts and inform their members created an atmosphere of trust – which translated into support for their small but savvy gym.

The social factor
Thebodycontent’s personal-trainer approach requires it to have software that facilitates personalisation. Virtuagym’s completely white-labeled app allows Thebodycontent to provide a tailored online coaching experience alongside a spirited online community.

They make use of Virtuagym’s rich library of workout content to promote challenges and set up leaderboards to encourage friendly competition amid closures. This in-app interaction gives the gym a personable atmosphere, even online. O’Malley and Johnston have leveraged the well-known community aspect of Thebodycontent to get more signups during the pandemic.

Fewer arduous tasks
Thebodycontent decided to empower members to handle their own bookings and scheduling. Members have a clear overview of payments, finances, and a timeline of how closures have affected their contract end-dates. This takes the strenuous day-to-day tasks out of the owners’ hands – which is imperative for small gyms. Automating things such as billing also means O’Malley and Johnston can spend more time crafting an above-par client experience, which, when push comes to shove, makes their business as strong as their community bonds.

A better model for the future
The year to come will undoubtedly be ridden with unpredictability – but one certain thing is that a healthy lifestyle will be in demand.

Virtuagym’s software facilitates hybridisation in the face of an uncertain economic environment. With the aid of innovative, future-focused solutions, Thebodycontent can contribute to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle while staying in tune with the constantly developing digital pace of the industry.

Start future-proofing your business with Virtuagym, and check out Thebodycontent for fitness inspiration.

“Virtuagym’s software facilitates hybridisation in the face of an uncertain economic environment”
Hugo Braam, Virtuagym

Find out more: https://business.virtuagym.com and www.thebodycontent.com

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 11

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