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Spa Business
2020 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Starpool: Cargo-tecture

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Starpool: Cargo-tecture

During lockdown, Riccardo Turri, CEO of Starpool, was inspired to create a whole new category of product, based on recycled containers. The result is the new i.con spa brand, which fuses luxury, wellness, recycling and design

The new i.con range enables operators to create COVID-secure personal spaces for outdoor wellness

With the launch of its new i.con spa range, Starpool is transforming cargo containers into luxurious spaces, perfectly equipped for wellness.

The new line taps into the demand for COVID-secure outdoor options for small groups.

Easy to transport and install, i.con containers can be located outside in settings from hotels and spas to residential locations.

“Their nomad spirit remains intact,” says Turri, “but instead of shipping goods worldwide, they let people in – the door opens, you get on board and sail to a new private space, made of heat, water and rest – the three founding principles of every wellness experience.”

i.con spa
Starpool has created three key options within the i.con range – i.con sauna, i.con steam and i.con relax.

All configurations can house modular products from the Starpool collections, such as steam baths, Finnish saunas and relaxation areas. The range is available in a number of sizes: 150mm x 150mm, 195mm x 150mm and 195mm x 195mm.

• i.con sauna
The i.con sauna model can be equipped with all the sauna models in Starpool’s product collections. It’s possible to choose the design, materials, colours and essences.

The external wall becomes a shower to regenerate the body after exposure to the intense heat of the sauna, while an entrance area creates space to hang towels and bathrobes.

• i.con steam
This model can house every steam bath in the Starpool collection and it’s possible to choose coatings and colours to create a unique design.

The shower wall and the steam area are divided by the entrance area.

• i.con relax
The i.con relax is a ‘room with a view’, with large glass walls creating an immersion in nature so people become at one with the landscape.

Inside the cabin, natural essences and sounds create a room of absolute comfort, completed with chaises longues, dedicated to relaxation.

It’s possible to transform the i.con relax into an area dedicated to dry floatation with the Starpool Zerobody bed, to offer the most effective regenerating experience in the wellness sector.

In addition, thanks to the Starpool Relaxation Coach – an interactive system designed by Starpool – it’s possible to theme the i.con relax, turning relaxation into an actual experience of physical and mental regeneration.

Added expertise
As well as offering a built-in sound system to relay relaxing music into the i.con containers, Starpool also works with experts to develop effective wellness protocols to strengthen the offering. Mindfulness programmes have been developed with neuroscientist Nicola De Pisapia and breathing techniques with Andrea Zuccari, the international free diving champion, for example.

Four custom concepts
Four customisable design concepts are also being developed, offering external cladding, materials and finishes chosen to ensure i.con harmonises with the landscape and its surroundings.

The first is Mountain – inspired by the woods and characterised by their scent; the second is Urban – inspired by skyscrapers and technology; the third is Country – with textures and colours that pay homage to the earth; and the fourth is Beach, with soft sand-like colours.

“This project is the result of an intuition experienced during the lockdown” says Turri. “I’ve always been fascinated by industrial architecture and how goods travel around the world. We’ve combined these concepts to create something of our own: cutting-edge spaces for our products.

“i.con spa is connected to the idea of recycling and to the possibility of creating a context for wellness products anywhere – like a portable spa,” he says. “This new line also meets the need to live the wellness experience outdoors anywhere and in the utmost privacy.”

Riccardo Turri is CEO of Starpool.

Find out more at Starpool.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2020 issue 4

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