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Health Club Management
2020 issue 9

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Leisure Management - Legend software: Exceed your potential


Legend software: Exceed your potential

We look at how you can unlock hidden value in your operation with a complete end-to-end leisure management solution

Legend helps you maximise profitability Halfpoint/istockphoto

Legend software, with integrated membership payments and value-added services, offers a complete end-to-end leisure management solution delivered via a single database.

This makes it easier to run your facilities more effectively, with greater insight into your customers.

COVID-19 is increasing the pressure and competitiveness of the already challenging leisure industry. Consumers have access to ever greater choice; increasingly attractive offerings; lower price points; and a wide variety of exercise options. What’s more, many of those who were confident gym goers, are now cautious about returning.

As an operator, your ability to communicate via timely and personalised messages, deal efficiently with payments, and deliver a seamless service across all aspects of the customer lifecycle, is now intrinsic to business recovery and success.

Leisure management software has developed rapidly to streamline operations and improve customer management. However, the majority of operators lack the resource, expertise, and time to unlock and leverage actionable insights from customer data, or manage the complexities of membership payment processes and delivery.

Legend combines software, membership payments and value-added services to perform all these functions, enabling you to focus on delivering your business potential.

Legend can help you overcome daily challenges and maximise the value from your software investment. As Legend is a TSG solution, you’ll benefit from global insights and specialist expertise across business management software, payments and services for health and fitness operators.

Integrated, Value-Added Services
Billing and payment processing – BACS Bureau

Jon Layton, systems and membership manager at Halo Leisure, explains: "Legend offers a fully integrated service, offering Direct Debit collections, representations, tailored CRM platform including automated customer journeys, and credit control for debtors."

Increased collection rates

Lee Wood, commercial director and deputy chief executive of Active Tameside, adds: "We started using Legend BACS Bureau in 2012 and from a pre-Legend collection rate of 87 per cent, we’ve now risen to 96 per cent, which is absolutely fantastic. We have one very happy FD!"

Flexible payments

With Legend, you can design a payments calendar to suit your preferred submission timetable by adjusting the timing and/or the frequency of collections.

Claire Turnbull, business development manager at Abbeycroft Leisure, adds: Legend has changed the way in which we collect our Direct Debits.

"Historically, we had one monthly collection for our membership fees, now we do four collections a month, offering a choice of four different dates to our customers.

"The great benefit for us is that we’re able to take a month’s membership fees in advance for every single member, so it’s uplifted our income. For customers and for staff, it’s a much simpler and more flexible way of joining."

Member retention and engagement

Legend’s integrated approach is designed to retain members and maximise revenue, freeing up time for your team and enabling them to focus on what they do best – providing an exceptional customer experience.

Benefits operators have seen include improved customer retention, reduced business administration and overheads, and increased profitability.

Online joining and digital agreements let customers join anytime through a digital payments process, capturing vital demographic information and creating a platform to increase revenue from membership, pay and play, bookings, marketing campaigns and online sales.

Layton says: "Legend has transformed the way we interact with our customers. We originally started with a new member journey, where all new members get an automated email welcoming them to our centres. This has helped increase engagement rates; retention rates are better and our customers are better informed." 

Retention and recovery services

Legend’s retention and recovery services proactively re-engage and win back members, extending the life of customers.

Unlike a pure payment gateway, our processes ensure that if a payment becomes overdue, the Legend team is in immediate contact, to notify and attempt to resolve and retain the customer.

Layton says: "We’ve introduced credit control journeys that have helped increase the amount of revenue we get back from people who have defaulted on Direct Debits." 

 Andrew Hetherington, from Inverclyde Leisure, adds: "Inverclyde has seen great improvement since the introduction of the Legend BACS Bureau. It has helped not only our debt recovery in terms of financial, but also the management processes and the automated systems behind the scenes that help to maintain that debt control."

Unlocking value

Hetherington continues, saying: "Since utilising the bureau, not only have we increased our uplift percentage to well over 98 per cent, we’ve also found efficiencies with staff time. Automated processes have freed up our employees to focus on duties in other areas, which adds to overall customer satisfaction." 

Legend’s integrated membership payments and services solve complex challenges, increase revenue, drive retention and maximise profitability, without leaving the work to you.

Now more than ever, it is imperative you can unlock the full value of your leisure management solutions. Legend is here to help.

Find out more: www.legendware.co.uk

Legend partners with leading UK leisure / PeopleImages/istockphotooperators

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 9

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