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2020 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Sustain and regenerate


Sustain and regenerate

Sustainable skincare brand, Comfort Zone, has radically reinvented its entire Sacred Nature line, driven by the ambition to create some of the world’s first carbon-negative products

The Sacred Nature line is shipped in glass, reflecting its ethical, sustainable and transparent nature. All packaging is CO2 neutral
Davide Bollati, Comfort Zone president. His commitment to sustainability has led to the creation of the Scientific Garden
Isabelle Reboulle, head chemist, working at the Davines Village R&D Lab
Comfort Zone has developed the antioxidant Scientific Garden Extract™ with myrtle, elderberry and pomegranate
Over 6,000 plants are cultivated at The Davines Village, inspiring innovation and the development of new product lines

The Sacred Nature line, originally launched in 2008, is already one of the highlights of the Comfort Zone range, with existing high-level green credentials. However, restless to do more to safeguard the environment, the company has raised the bar with this new reformulation, to ensure Sacred Nature products are truly sustainable in every way possible.

There has also been a focus on ensuring the production process behind the entire product line is set up to proactively fight climate change.

“We believe the Sacred Nature line should be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” says founder and CEO, Davide Bollati. “We eco-designed the new products – specifically the formulations – to ensure all the key ingredients could be grown according to regenerative agriculture or selected from wild sources to be super sustainable.”

A higher purpose
Behind this vision of sustainability is Comfort Zone’s deep philosophy of environmentalism, which saw the organisation envision, conceive and build one of the world’s first carbon neutral headquarters, the Davines Village, in Parma, Italy, which runs on sustainable energy and sits at the heart of the organisation.

Comfort Zone believes in conscious skin science, and as a result, the redesigned Sacred Nature line has been developed according to its strict guidelines, which exclude the use of parabens, nanotechnology, SLS and artificial colours.

The ultimate vision was to create a bio-regenerative organic skincare line that is both COSMOS- and eco-certified. In addition, Sacred Nature is also vegan and has been developed using direct traceability protocols.

Comfort Zone also contributes to biodiversity protection, environmental and social sustainability projects, by donating 1 per cent of its sales to the 1% for the Planet initiative.

The Sacred Nature line is CO2 negative thanks to choices made in design and production, backed up by Comfort Zone’s support for the Ethio Trees CO2 compensation project.

Formulated with integrity
In reformulating the Sacred Nature line, Comfort Zone undertook ingredient research at the Openair lab at the Davines Village botanical garden. This led to the creation of the Scientific Garden Extract™, a super-strong pool of antioxidants from bio-fermented extracts of myrtle, elderberry and pomegranate.

These are all rich in phytoactive antioxidants, which defend the skin against environmental aggressors, stimulate cell renewal, and contrast aging.

Comfort Zone uses advanced, chemical-free techniques which enabled the extraction of twice as many active ingredients, thanks to a fermententation which has increased the concentration of antioxidants by 22 per cent.

The Scientific Garden Extract™ has been shown to correct the effects of climate change on the skin, including oxidation and also damage caused by the sun, ensuring optimal skin balance and resilience, as well as prolonging youth.

Sacred Nature has been designed to work for both younger and more mature skins – for younger people it keeps the skin younger for longer, while for mature skin, it’s a healing line, both in terms of home care and when used for facials. This complex has been, therefore, combined in each product with specific ingredients, to ensure the best performance for each skin condition and need.

When it came to fragrance, the company opted for a natural choice for the entire line, with nothing artificial being used.

Comfort Zone collaborated with a French ‘nose’ to develop the signature fragrance recalling the Garden notes.

Finally, the products are packaged in glass to ensure recyclability and also to reflect the purity and transparent nature of the Sacred Nature line.

The product range
The line includes a range of facial products, such as a super-rich cleansing balm, an exfoliant mask, a serum and two moisturisers.

There’s also a hydrocream and a range of body products, including head and body soap and body butter.

There are two facials in the Sacred Nature range, the Regenerative Elixir and the Regenerative Hydra – a shorter treatment that’s focused on hydration.

The Regenerative Elixir facial is a deeply relaxing facial, opening with a cleansing ritual and massage. With its professional base that can be mixed to order, making the treatment customisable for all skin types.

The new Sacred Nature facial also includes a sticky mask which is worked on the skin with energetic movements to stimulate the creation of collagen, so that by the end of the treatment, the skin is naturally replumped.

Regenerative agriculture
When it comes to sourcing the active ingredients for the Scientific Garden Extract™, Comfort Zone works with farmers who use regenerative agriculture techniques and who are close by – in Parma and also in Sardinia – to minimise CO2 emissions.

The elderberries used in the Sacred Nature line are harvested from the wild, to capture the most powerful essences available.

Regeneration agriculture is not intensive, and is respectful of biodiversity, while also contributing to soil fertility, meaning it can capture as much, if not more, CO2 as trees, while also keeping the soil nourished.

“Working on the land in a regenerative way means you’re doing the right thing and not exploiting nature,” says Bollati, “while taking care of the skin.”

Originally published in Spa Business 2020 issue 3

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