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Health Club Management
2020 issue 7

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Leisure Management - Rig rejig


Rig rejig

Suppliers are offering programming for rigs to enable operators to tackle social distancing challenges, create a boutique feel and reduce the intimidation factor. HCM gets the lowdown from key suppliers

Physical Company offers a series of 30-minute small group training workouts to be done on its rigs

Erica Tillinghast

The right programming is vital if rigs are to enrich the member experience rather than sit unused on the gym floor. Precor’s Queenax rig system is a versatile platform, with attachment locations and storage solutions to support most functional environments.

We offer a number of pre-configured Queenax options with attachments to enable functional training, from suspension fitness equipment and rebounders to plyometric platforms.

Precor is also launching Studio Ignite, a comprehensive, high-intensity interval training programme, to support its Queenax platform by pairing HIIT cardio with functional strength stations.

Studio Ignite offers six months of programming that can be screen-cast to monitors within the facility and comes complete with in-depth trainer coaching and business support for operators.

Additionally, we now offer the Sony Advagym app with a Queenax movement library built in, so operators who subscribe can provide digital coaching to their customers at any time.

Programming can be screen-cast to monitors within the facility

This complete package of equipment, training, business guidance and education is designed to help operators compete against popular boutique facilities.

To manage social distancing we’re suggesting limiting circuit training and focusing instead on offering class-style programmes where all exercisers have their own equipment. This avoids the frustrations involved with moving stations and having to clean equipment while trying to keep heart rates up.

To maintain social distancing, limit circuit training, instead keeping participants in one station
James Anderson
Physical Company

We’re very flexible when it comes to the design of rigs and the stations that are included.

We seldom sell an off-the-shelf rig and, just as rigs are customised, so is training and support. For every bespoke rig we create, we deliver a package of training tailored to the individual site and its end users.

We also offer modules of workout programming incorporating different stations and exercise options, to allow instructors to build effective, compelling programmes that maximise workout opportunities on their specific rig.

Our APEX programmes – a series of eight, 30-minute small group training sessions – embrace everything from high intensity to recovery and health and mobility to core training. New plans are released every quarter and instructors are provided with step-by-step programme guides and a web-based exercise video library.

Workouts are kept fresh with new plans released every quarter

Our approach to social distancing is to create different stations around the rig, but these generally leave people around 1m apart – not enough for social distancing with current guidelines. As a result, we recommend that operators utilise every alternate station to maintain distancing until guidelines are amended.

Circuits will be off-limits for now unless gyms can equip stations with multiple items – battle ropes, suspension trainer, mat, medicine ball, etc – so each participant has what they need for a workout without moving between stations.

Tom Rooke
Indigo Fitness

In the post-lockdown climate, the hard surface of the training rigs means they’re easy to clean and disinfect after every class. With the addition of floor markings, every individual user can have their own training space, socially distanced from the rest of the class, with dedicated equipment and their own section of rig, making it easy to reduce any fears of cross contamination for the end users.

The key to having the most effective, engaging training space is to make it truly multifunctional. With this in mind, we’re constantly evolving our rig offering with new designs, attachments and floor markings to ensure its versatility.

We’re reviewing our offering in light of the current situation with COVID-19. A key part of what we do is design and consultation – we work with customers to create the entire functional area, from the flooring, with bespoke zonal marking, to a tailored functional rig designed to fit perfectly into the space available.

Dedicated equipment makes it easy to reduce any fears of cross contamination

It’s easy to just cram as many attachments as possible on a rig, but we work with the customer to understand what they want from their functional classes and programming, then provide them with the tools and flexibility to deliver the best group exercise experience possible.

The hard surfaces of rigs are easy to clean and disinfect – perfect for the current climate
Matt Gleed
Matrix Fitness

Our Connexus range includes rig solutions designed to host a full selection of functional training equipment. The range is completely scalable and includes the Connexus freestanding rig and the wall-mounted Connexus Perimeter.

Connexus rigs support the Matrix Fitness MX4 small group training programming, which consists of 156 30-minute HIIT workouts programmed to work on cardio, power, strength and endurance.

To offer a more specialised workout for those who are less fit, or for the ageing population, MX4 Active provides 25 more workouts, each 45 minutes long, focusing on improving stability, balance and flexibility, to help facilities serve a wider range of ages and abilities.

We offer an implementation guide to help operators incorporate the MX4 Training System into their existing offering. This includes staff training and a step-by-step launch timeline designed to answer operator questions.

Dedicated equipment makes it easy to reduce any fears of cross contamination

Matrix Connexus rigs have two vertical adjustment points set up to support distancing, whilst the benefit of multiple attachments means that an individual or a small group workout can abide by social distancing recommendations throughout.

With so much variety available, entire PT sessions or small group training classes can be held in one place, without having to move around the gym and allowing for an easier clean afterwards, ready for the next user.

The MX4 Active programme focuses on improving flexibility, balance and stability in less fit or older members
New rig options
TRX extends its rigs training, while Core Health & Fitness now offers Throwdown commercial products
TRX Studio Line

TRX Studio Line rigs can be used to create functional training zones with customisable suspension anchoring and built-in storage, while emphasising design and aesthetics to suit the needs of each member, space and activity.

When it comes to training staff to enable them to optimise the use of the equipment, the company offers a seven-hour, interactive and live virtual course, which shows how to correctly set up and use a TRX Suspension Trainer.

This teaches them how to properly perform a variety of suspension training exercises, adjust resistance and stability for all exercises, progress and regress exercises for all fitness levels, and cue and correct common faults.

Graduates of the TRX course are invited to join the TRX CORE trainer network, a membership platform that gives access to a TRX certification, workouts and content, business and marketing tools, income opportunities and exclusive events.

Core Health & Fitness

Core Health & Fitness is now offering Throwdown commercial fitness products, including the XTC, a hyper flexible rig, which has been engineered to create different training zones, which allows for groups of members to train simultaneously.

Throwdown’s commercial fitness equipment offerings have been designed to enable trainers and members to mix it up and create flexible and challenging exercise environments. Rigs are designed to be flexible enough to work in both large and small spaces.

In the current COVID-19 situation, components can be adapted and areas marked out to allow more people to train while still maintaining social distancing.

The Core Health & Fitness instructor education portfolio includes Throwdown as part of the company’s HIIT training programme.

TRX offers a live and virtual course that teaches staff how to set up and use a TRX Suspension Trainer
Components of the Throwdown rig can be adapted to allow more people to train while maintaining social distancing

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 7

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