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Spa Business
2020 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Simone Gibertoni: Clinique La Prairie


Simone Gibertoni: Clinique La Prairie

World-renowned medical spa, Clinique La Prairie, is creating a global network of locations to support clients with their wellbeing, every day of the year, says its CEO

Simone Gibertoni, CEO, Clinique La Prairie
Clinique La Prairie specialises in high-end longevity treatments
Clinique La Prairie is seeking partners for the development of a global network of clinics
Clinique La Prairie is seeking partners for the development of a global network of clinics
Clinique La Prairie is seeking partners for the development of a global network of clinics
Clinique La Prairie is seeking partners for the development of a global network of clinics
The company has an NPS of 91 and a 65 per cent return rate

Clinique La Prairie, based on Lake Geneva at Montreux, is a world-renowned medical clinic and wellness destination famed for its award-winning innovation.

Thanks to its commitment to scientific research, Clinique La Prairie is highly regarded and has earned a reputation for excellence in preventative medicine.

Its unique programmes include Revitalisation, Beauty Stem Cells and Master Detox and all its signature treatment programmes are customised through DNA testing.

Founded in 1931, by Dr Paul Niehans, Clinique La Prairie is a fusion of hyper-luxury private clinic and wellness centre – a unique combination of spa, medicine and hotel in one beautiful location – all boasting the attention to detail only found with Swiss hospitality.

“Our philosophy is to always think differently – to scout and develop the best technology in longevity,” says CEO, Simone Gibertoni. “We have a team of 50 doctors evaluating the scientific foundations of treatments and introducing them into our programmes. This is a continuous process, so every year we’re improving what we offer our guests.”

This dedication to excellence has earned a loyal clientele – Gibertoni reports a net promoter score of 91 per cent and says repeat business runs at over 65 per cent.

Now, as the company approaches its centenary, it’s embarking on a campaign of global expansion to create ‘city hubs’ – facilities of between 1,000-2,000sq m – that embody Clinique La Prairie’s philosophy of longevity, which is delivered through the four pillars of nutrition, wellbeing, movement and medical science.

Continuous support
Gibertoni expects customers to visit Clinique La Prairie to undertake the complete holistic programme and then to follow up between visits with regular appointments at city hubs: “The aim is to open Clinique La Prairie hubs around the world, so our international clients can continue their journey closer to home on a day-to-day basis,” he explains.

The first international opening – the Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Longevity Suites in Madrid – opened early in 2020, and a clinic at The St. Regis Bangkok is scheduled to open later this year. “If we can open in the top 15-20 cities in the world, we’ll be able to reach 80 per cent of our clients,” says Gibertoni.

While the company intends to grow, it also remains fixed on supporting its existing clients, as Gibertoni explains: “We want to deepen our relationship with a unique and exclusive community of guests rather than having a more superficial relationship with a larger number of people,” he says. “Our mission is to take our unique fusion of science and holistic wellness directly to our global clientele.”

Clinique La Prairie intends to keep both the exclusivity and the human dimension of service at each clinic and hub to reflect its philosophy of exclusive treatments and high-end service for demanding customers.

Partnership opportunities
“We want to reach out to potential partners in the spa, hotel and resort markets to explain the benefits of working with Clinique La Prairie,” says Gibertoni.

“We want to show them how much more they can offer their customers, by partnering with us to deliver our world-class programmes that create real and lasting change for guests.

“We also want to be seen as providing a full health concierge service for all our clients’ needs and the needs of our partners’ clients, all year round, both in our Swiss clinic and at our city hubs,” he continues. “The idea is to sustain improvements in the health of guests throughout the year.

As part of this strategy, the company is working to support its clients with their wellbeing at home, by offering a new line of nutraceuticals: “We’re creating a full product range called Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health – that will launch at the end of this year,” explains Gibertoni.

“We’re serving a unique community of men and women from all around the world,” he concludes. “We want to stay very aligned with them in everything we do.”


Originally published in Spa Business 2020 issue 2

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